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:: Overview of free fashion sewing patterns::, or DIY garment make-overs that I luv’…!

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However, if you prefer to first look at the sewing patterns here, go right ahead…swan_princess_white_jewel_dress

Fashion Inspiration

Besides building a collection of wonderful patterns for women dresses, skirts and fashion tops, I’m also adding the occasional inspirational design image.

This is my currently most fabulous inspiration dress.

(Not that I’m about to wear it any day soon, as it is literally freezing where we lived. First time since 50-60 years this village had this much snow…. Mmmm… did we import that from Canada…

We’ve had snow here every year we lived here now, albeit that it was a token snow in the last two. The snow melted instantaneously. Not so today: already white landscapes here for a whole week. Pretty, gut makes dresses like this look ‘freezing’.)

Fashion Trends

However, this dress sums up a bunch of fashion trends that I like to ride with:

  1. fun / strong individuality
  2. ruffles
  3. show some leg but not too short
  4. romantic without being frilly
  5. crochet-ed
  6. beaded
  7. matching be-jeweled clutch
  8. Empire waist

Because the dress is so dramatic, it is probably relatively flattering when wearing high heel shoes . Anyhow, most of the sewing patterns on that page are more practical, albeit trendy & stylish. Have a look.

Women Fashion 2012 ~ Free Sewing Patterns (and nifty ideas)


If you click on the image you’ll see a giant version of it, so you can read the text and look at dress details.

Meanwhile, let me link up to each of the ideas shown here:

Top row:

  1. Ruffle t-shirt make-over  = easy project
  2. Side-panels = to enlarge + jazz up t-shirts  = great idea for kids cloths (
  3. Reverse appliqué of dalia flower = beautiful (for sale item, but you can make your own easily).
  4. Inspirational fashion image: embroidery skirt with knitted ‘fishnet’ stocking = sooo cool

Second row:

5/ Ruffle dress sewing pattern = dress looks amazing different in different fabric choices

6/ Ruffle scarf = simple 15 min. project, which makes great gift

7/  Summer dress pattern

8/  Flower aka sunburst t-shirt embellishment  = great gear, great tutorial on how to upcycle old cloths (sorry, has website has been removed from the internet)

Bottom row:

9/ Maxi dress = oh so easy, and I will make this for summer. Have just the fabric for it.

10/ Paper dress fashion = fun ideas

11/ how to embellish a t-shirt a la Antholopologie

below it: ruffle skirt tutorial

12/ inspirational fashion image: dress with jewel-studded lace top & burlesque wide tulle ruffle skirt. Seems impossible to find out anything about this dress, but it’s inspirational.

Want more ideas and free patterns?

Here are our latest patterns:
a. Dolce Gabbana Silk Shorts ~ sewing pattern
b. Use the search button on this blog on the top navigation bar and jsut ask what you wish for. Chances are, we’ll have you covered. If not, hop over to our Pinterest account and find your answers there. … there are about a dozen more patterns and ideas in just on just this board alone.

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