Free Design Twitter Background: Color Circles

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Here is another Free Design Twitter backgrounds. I chose four design variations on a theme of color circles.

My Twitter backgrounds are free for your personal use as a Twitter background, exclusively.

Twitter Background Design Variations

1. The first background version features contemporary pinks, with a dash of green and brown.

2. A bright, happy green Twitter background with bold orange- and blue-colored bubbles that makes you stand out in the crowd, for sure! Good design for Twitter sites relating to kids, for example. The color scheme is gender-neutral.

3. The third background design version uses more contemporary color scheme with purples and teals.

4. The fourth design is a gentler Twitter background with soft pastel color bubbles, that’s quite pretty.

Good for Spring home decorating, feminine or baby -related Twitterers. This design reminds me of old-fashioned children ‘s bedroom wallpaper. Quite cool.

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How to Use My Free Twitter Background Design

Click on the thumbnails to see the full designs. When you like a particular background design, right-click it to download the image. In Twitter, upload the image, choose the tiling option, and voila, you’re done with designing the background.

Twitter Design Tips, to help you go from Good to Great Design

Your next step is to adjust your colors scheme of your various other Twitter page design elements: text, links, background of the sidebar, etc. Ideally, choose colors from the color palette that is in the background. Tip for success: ensure a strong contrast between your text background and the text & links.

Note that the Twitter logo is a rather dominantly bright blue, and I sense, its color must be incorporated in either the background or the color scheme of the other page design elements. I tried to give you a hand here in most of my designs, by simply incorporating a sense of that blue within the background design, harmonizing the design elements.

Professional Twitter Backgrounds

I mentioned before that I already obtained my first Professional Twitter Design job, and here is my pro design so far. at Twitter. I’m still tweaking it a tat, so any suggestions welcome.

I am aiming to design the background to suit various computer screen-sizes simultaneously. It is kind of cool.

Want to make this kind of backgrounds yourself? Check out my article on ‘design software I can’t live without’.

This digital design freeby has been featured in several craft parties. Click link to learn more about them.

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