Free Design Twitter Background: Cherry Blossom


My second Free Twitter background for you! Perhaps I’ll call it ‘Spring Delight’ as it features such lovely cherry blossoms.

I just knew it… as soon as I would get going with these Twitter backgrounds, I would not be able to stop making more and more designs… They are so fun to do. Twitter, twitter, twitter ….

Free Twitter Background Design

Click the close-up image to see the complete background design. Then, click on that image to download your large background file.

Design Copyright & Usage Permissions

In this post on Free Twitter backgrounds you can find the details on how you may and can not use my images.

I’ve just been asked to do my first Pro design, so I’m off.
Twitter, twitter..!

Free Twitter Background Design Feedback

BTW I would love to hear back how you’re using my designs. Give me your Twitter name in the comment section below, and I’ll look at it.

Also, any ‘delicately phrased’ idea on how to make my designs better is welcome. I realize that there are several ‘rules of design’ at play here, as well as personal preferences. Give me your point of view.

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