Free Cushion Knitting Pattern with Cable

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Easy Free Cushion Knitting Pattern with Cable :: Love this!!! | “I am a particularly lucky girl. For many reasons, but one of them is my awesome knit bed spread. About 2 years ago, picked up a chunky white knitted cotton bed cover. Nice, you might think. But ‘very nice’ was the price tag of cover with simple knitting pattern: $10! There’s $100+ worth of cotton yarn in there. Yes, I’d found it in the ‘Returns’-section of the shop where you can sometimes find good deals. In perfect condition. Maybe it had been a floor prop, or maybe it was a return. It was in perfect condition.”

One thing leads to the next: once you have a knitted bed cover, all you see is free cushion knitting patterns to make some lovely pillows that match the bed cover, right?

Simple Free Cushion Knitting Pattern with Cable

The nicest free cushion knitting pattern I have found so far, is ths gorgeous cable knit pillow. Just looking at it makes you feel warm and cozy. Knitting a pillow case is something that anyone can do. It’s basically a square piece of knitwear, measuring about 45 by 45 cm.

Free Cushion Knitting Pattern with Cable

Tip: Personally, rather than knitting the front and the back of a pillow, I knit two fronts and use a plain, simple piece of fabric for the back of my pillow cases. Gives you 2 pillows for the price/labor of 1. That’s how I think/work, in any case.

A Yarn about Suitable Knitting Yarn for this Pillow

The knitting pattern suggests for you to knit both the front and the back of your pillow. Int his case, you’ll need 10 skeins of PATONS INCA 50g balls of 50% Wool, 30% Acrylic and 20% Alpaca.

Substitute Patons Inca Yarn

This yarn has been replaced by newer yarns, which is really no problem. Have a look at this yarn which has a similar composition of wool-acrylic and alpaca:  Rico Essentials Alpaca Blend Chunky.  It’s available in a lot of different colors. Very suitable. Or, more adventurous, substitute it for a yarn that’s a bit different, like a Wool Tweed DK (Learn more or purchase on Amazon) The tweed will create somewhat of another look and feel. 

Alternatively, consider solid colored acrylics. I have purchases some acrylic yarn skeins in exactly this color as in the picture, and I think it would turn out equally gorgeous. Although acrylics not as ‘precious’ as wool, definitely more easily washable! And more affordable.

With any yarn substitution, you got to work backwards and adjust the stitch count a bit to work in the different gauges of the different yarns.  E.g. Out of the box, the knitting Gauge if this yarn is 18 sts and 24 rows with a 5 mm (U.S. 8) knitting needle. It’s classified as a 4 worsted weight, i.e. pretty ‘middle of the road’ kinda yarn. Now, figure out how many stitches you’ll need, using 2 strands together. 

Compare that with the gauge of the Paton yarn:  9 sts and 13 rows to 10cm over stocking st, using 2 strands of yarn tog and 10mm needles. 

Sounds more complicated than it is.  My guess is that it will be pretty similar in gauge. And it’s a pillowcase, not a sweater for your toddler. It ** does not really matter ** if you have an inch more or less on either side. Just seam it. Voila. No stress!

Free Cushion Knitting Pattern

Without any further ado: here is the link to your cabled cushion free knitting pattern: NZ House and Garden

photo credit: Paton yarn

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