Scarlet Rose Crochet Scarf – a la Anthropologie

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Crochet lovers, pay attention: here’s my still-favorite, a-la-Anthropologie, rose crochet scarf pattern. Now in the color of love: scarlet red! Wow. Even more stunning.

Do you remember that I introduced you to this amazingly gorgeous, show-stealing, head-turning and easy to make crochet rose flower scarf …. years ago? If my enthusiasm at that time did not convince you to go make this scarf, well maybe the picture below will make you get our your crochet needles and order the yarn!

You see, even in a completely different color and with a different yarn, both look extremely stunning.

Alpine Wool

Scarlet Red Crochet Scarf with Roses

scarlet_red_rose_ scarf

The red scarf uses Lion Brand Yarn 822-224C Alpine Wool Yarn. Look for the color ‘Chilli’. As you’ll need 9 skeins of 85g of this 100% alpine wool yarn, at $10/skein, this scarf will be a luxury.

The free pattern: here at Lionbrand.

Free Crochet Pattern – Note:
I am giving you 3 links, one to each version of this scarf (just in case…). The patterns appear however to be identical amongst them.

Pure Wool

Do you remember this gorgeous crochet scarf with flowers ??

This neutral-colored scarf uses Fishermen’s Wool Yarn. You’ll need just 3 skeins of this 100% wool yarn as each skein is 227g. At $7/skein, this is the way to go if you wish for 100% pure wool.

Click here for the free crochet pattern to go with this particular yarn.

Wool Blend

If you want to shave off a few dollars, try Bernat’s beautiful 20/80 wool/acrylics blend in cherry. What a gorgeous red color. Or, cheaper, try this one, Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky Yarn (099) Fisherman By The Each, in neutral color. 227 g per skein, need 5 skeins.

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