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Chinese New Year this year will be February 3, 2011. It will be the Year of the metal Rabbit, a lovely year indeed, as bunnies are considered lucky!

ChineseNewYear_Rabbit2011Well, lucky you are as I made a new Chinese year greeting card for you, that you can download for free.  The Chinese symbol on the bottom right of the card means luck, rather than rabbit. 


Rabbit said to bring prosperity

and success in love


To get a bit larger file, click on the image and you get your free eCard.  If you prefer to obtain a larger, printable version of this free new year greeting card, just join our Newsletter and you will automatically be given access to an exclusive list of free craft patterns.


Happy New Year!


The Year of the Rabbit

The inner nature of this lovely animal is what determines what this year will look like: a period of sophistication, culture, grace, beautiful manners and sensitivity.  This 2011 year of the white Rabbit, your intuition will blossom. But don’t be just intuitive: plan and prepare. 2011 calls for unhurried work with concentration, so your projects can succeed. 


Rabbit Personality

While people born under the Rabbit typically get along well with everyone, they are essentially reserved. They are really happy in intellectual activity. An aggressively competitive environment makes them anxious and does not suit their sensitivity.   They create peaceful, comfortable environments around them. Craving and creating security, they wish to avoid unsettling/unpredictable situations that do not match their delicate inner nature.  Excellent attentive hosts who care for those around them and who pay attention to detail in everything. They are calm and compassionate. When Rabbit people believe in something, they are serious, perseverant and capable.


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