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This week I’m going to hold a workshop. As I thought it would be fun to issue certificates of attendance to workshop participants, I designed some.  Just something nice.  Certificates are a good souvenir from their workshop.  It reminds them to be proud of themselves for having shown up and learned something. It’s somehow a confidence builder: they’re now able to go on their own.  So, enjoy my Certificate of attendance template design –  you are free to use it for your own workshops (but not sell the template).


How to Get Your Free Download

My Certificate of Attendance template design is downloadable .pdf.  Just subscribe to the newsletter (see form, middle of column on the right hand on this page) and you will be led to a landing page featuring and other great free craft designs, printable, patterns, and tutorials.


Free Certificate of Attendance Template Design


What to Write on Your Certificate

I am making this comment as an aside. It related to all my’blank certificates:

Free Certificate of Attendance Template Design
When using a gift certificate, or any certificate for that matter, be sure to write using your most beautiful cursive letters. If you don’t know how to do calligraphy (and well, let’s face it, many of us don’t, like me last year; or aren’t yet great at it, like me now)… so if you don’t know how to do calligraphy, I can highly recommend the extensive online calligraphy workshop from Michelle over at I-still-love-you. There are several videos in this cursive-writing course, and opportunity for you to upload your work for Michelle to critique. Great workshop.

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