*If you want to have a crafty calendar for 2010 without any effort other than to press the print button, then consider these 4 excellent options from Canon, one for everyone in the family.


They are all free.


2010 calendar

A Crafty Calendar 2011 for Her (– updated version –)

By the wonderful artist Yoshihiro Moritake, who has designed some other good paper crafts for Canon.

Download your free 2011 calendar here


calendar 2010


Craft Calendar 2010 for Him


Download your free 2010 calendar here

Designer: Erico, for Canon



Crafty Calendar 2010 for Kids

2010calendarforkidscalendar 2010

Designer: Erico

This free 2010 calendar is no longer downloadable

Crafty Artist: Ayako Fujioka

Download this crafty free 2010 calendar


Psssst…. check out these CD Jewel case Desk Calendar Month & Date Pages too*

desktopjewelcasecalendarThese pages would make a good base for your own crafty, low-tech CD jewel case desk calendar version for 2010*.  Yes, I mean the one that we created last year. 

There is plenty of space to design over the borders of this calendar.   And if you miss a month, well, no worries:  Yamanaka did a good job on the borders of some of the later month pages, such as June, October and December.

This crafty free 2010 calendar is no longer downloadable.

Designer: Aya Yamanaka


Recycled Craft

desk calendar 2010You could print most of the above calendar pages on recycled copy paper and they will look great.


  * As well, I promised some extra scrapbooking page layout for my very crafty, low-tech CD jewel case desk calendar for 2010 using recyclables only, and I will post  these this week.



Want a Calendar that Furthers Your Craft Instead?

Click here for calendars with tips, patterns and ideas for sewing, scrapbooking, crochet, decorating and tons of other craft.

Yes, we have a calendar for everyone this year. Now, let’s get on with it, and seize the day!

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