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As far as tote bags go, this beautiful bag has to be one of the classiest ones I have seen. The details of the neat bow over the bag’s top band, and that those crisp folds on the bag’s side panels make this a tote bag to take to town. To ‘go shopping’ rather than to ‘do shopping’, if you know what I mean?!

A Pretty Handy Dandy Tote Bag

Besides being elegant, this classy bow tote bag is utterly practical too. It comes lined, and has several inside pockets. You can even throw this bag into the washing machine if you feel you need to. It’s just canvas / other sturdy fabric with a layer of Pellon Craft-Fuse in between.  Well, that’s pretty handy-dandy!

Tohoku - Elegant Bow Tote Bag - Free Sewing Patterns - FineCraftGuild.com

Another Ideal Mothers Day Gift to Sew

So, in short, I love this tote bag design. Right before mothers day I am always on the lookout of gorgeous projects we can to make our moms (and friends) feel special.  Now, you tell me, which mum would not love to get this tote bag?

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The muted tones of the fabric here makes the bag also suitable for grandmothers. I noticed that elderly prefer muted colors rather than pink.  Having said that, give this bag to your teen daughter in hot pink (or black) and she’ll be happy too!


Meet the Designer of this Tote Bag

The designer of this bag is Cheri from ‘I am a Momma, Hear Me Roar’. She has helped hundreds of people make this bag now. The first 500 or so paid a charity donation for the pattern. Isn’t that nice?! And now you can have her bag sewing pattern for this gorgeous bag free. And that’s nice also.

Your Free Bow Tote Bag Sewing Pattern

Here are Cheri’s instructions to make this tote bag: tohoku tote.

On Google Docs, she is sharing the actual free bag sewing pattern.

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