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Yesterday a reader commented that I did not provide her enough templates, ideas and freebies for her card making/scrapbooking hobby. I knew she was right. And I also knew that my newly planned scrapbooking series would indeed be welcomed!

So for her/all scrapbooking-lovers, here is a scrapbooking / art card making / calendar making freebie for you. Rather than kicking off my scrapbooking series in the new year with this: here today is a vintage calendar for 2013, together with two lovely layout ideas for vignettes.

Here’s the first page layout. Darling, heh !?!

vintage calendar layouts january



Free Vintage Calendar 2013


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These are two layout design samples of the lovely cards aka calendar pages you could make.


Vintage Calendar Scrapbooking Layouts

Scrapbooker Michele Kovack really donned her cards with seasonal secrets and layering.  February, being Valentine’s month, features two layered hearts,  a heart pin, a sweet vintage couple card, there’s a ribbon wrapped around it and they are all buttoned up. The red pompom gives the card weight and grounding.  Absolutely adorable.


Scrapbooking Layout photos credit: Michele Kovack.

Generous provider of the vintage calendar:


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