This useful frame hanging tool makes you wonder what you did before

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Wonder what this cloth pin with a nail in it is all about?? I tell you, I did not get it either until I saw the awesome result of its use.

It’s the handy-dandy super-simple DIY variety of a real estate agent/home stager’s device to hang up an entire wall photo gallery within say 15 minutes. 


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Tool for Art Shows & Home Decorating

This is perfect to hang a photo gallery in your lounge room or bedroom, but also, this is a MUST-HAVE if you want to build a pretty booth on a craft fair. I have learned from experienced fair exhibitors that walls that are entirely covered with artwork generate most sales. So, indeed, a must-have gadget to create that portable wall of art.

How does it Work?

Super easy.

1. To make it, take a nail that is 1/4 of an inch longer than the width of a cloths pin and nail it in the end. Actually, any sturdy but not too thick piece of wood that’s about twice the thickness of an ordinary ruler will do.

2. Now, to measure exactly where you want to hang your picture, hang up your picture onto the head of the nail. Hold the piece of wood in your hand with the picture hanging from it and move the frame around till it’s position is just where you like it.

3. When perfectly positioned, tap the top of your frame a bit, so that the nail will leave an imprint into your wall.  Now, hammer a nail into the wall exactly at this point. Hang up your frame and done.

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