5 Fourth of July Ideas for Parties

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Last linky party we had an abundance of 4th of July ideas for you. My favorite public holiday that so says ‘Let’s celebrate summer’ aka Fourth of July is quickly approaching. Needless to say I relished all these wonderful submissions, of 4th of July as well as fun summer and other creative ideas you brought to our SHARE IT link fest!

I pinned and reviewed them all!! Now today, I want to bring you my top 5 picks of the best 5 Fourth of July Ideas to Remember.

BEST 5 Fourth of July Ideas for Parties

Red, white and blue Patriotic ideas are fun to have around all year, really.  There is something about that color combination that’s just so happy.   (This week I’ll show you my red / blue fourth of July party dress I just bought from GAP… I saw it and it instantly made me happy… any how… I digress.

1. DIY Fourth of July Ideas for Parties: A round-up of goodlooking food!

From Dreaming of Leaving has done a round-up of food ideas from around the web for your Fourth of July parties. I’m showing you my favorite one… It’s a triple layered berry smoothie with cranberry- strawberry-cherry for the top layer, honey with yoghurt for the middle layer and blueberry for the bottom. Yuuuuummmmmmmmmmm!


By Dreaming of Leaving.

2. DIY Fourth of July Party Lighting

With Hand-cut  and –curled Stars from Recycled Cans. YES!

This is one of those ideas that make you go… why didn’t I think of this? Is this patriotic party light cute or what? As you will cut stars from all over your can, every light will be slightly different.  Start drinking Pepsi, folks! Or, simply ask your neighbors for some of their recycled cans… as after all, that’s what recycling is all about: going from trash to treasure. One of my top 5 Fourth of July Ideas for Parties! For sure.


A big thank-you to  Crafty Journal for linking this up. Hop over to the site for a tutorial.

3. Backdoor Lemonade Stand w a true-and-tried, sworn-by Lemonade Recipe

You can’t go wrong with this submission either. Besides it making a pretty home lemonade stand, the ingredients for this amazing lemonade recipe make a wonderfully refreshing lemonade!


Get the recipe and a couple more lovely & inspiring backdoor lemonade stand photos at My Thriftstore Addiction.

4. Tunisian Croche Placemat Patterns in Patriotic Stripes and Colors

I have to say, that if you are going to learn Tunesian crochet, this is one is one of the best Fourth of July ideas to remember and make!  The application of the Tunesian crochet technique for this design.  I love the result of both sides of the crochet placemats. See the picture here. Two of the placemats show their backsides, and two their fronts. Both sides are equally stunning, I believe. Definitely one of my favorite, beautiful, sophisticated fourth of July for parties.


Best for you here, is that it’s a free crochet pattern! And a photo tutorial, so that you can finally learn what that Tunesian crochet is all about.  By Sherry from Olives-n-okra.com. (contact me for the pattern)

5. Perfect Fourth of July Apple Pie Recipe

Joy from Yesterfood has the picture right! There is arguably nothing more homey, nothing more appropriate for a Fourth of July party and nothing more quintessential American than Apple Pie!!!! Her apple pie picture is stunning and her apple pie recipe looks picture-perfect too (I looked it over)! Thank you, Joy for this perfect Fourth of July contribution!


By Yesterfood

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