Fourth of July Decorations: DIY with Recycled Glass

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Fourth of July Decorations | How create a range of vignettes with red, white & blue candles, flowers, ribbons and stars in recycled glass ::

Learn how to update your home with the season in mind. Guest blogger Tammy Henderson ( started a weekly series here at the FineCraftGuild and shares her decorating insights. Last week she showed us how to create a natural decorative Spring vignette with glass. It was an intro to her series of how to create seasonal decorative vignettes. Tammy often uses recycled glass as it offers her a fast way to update the look and theme around her home.

Going green matters, also in home décor. Every week Tammy will bring us a new vignette or other home decorating project, using predominantly  recycled and/or pre-owned decorative elements and craft supplies. Her décor is to  celebrate life at home. Tammy’s always decorating with a theme in mind. Her ideas are always family –, budget – and environment-friendly.

Today’s home decorating tutorial is on how to create a splendid vignette for Fourth of July that’s easy and inexpensive to make. So, follow along, and show your patriotic side with the help of Tammy’s wonderful ideas to create a range of Fourth of July decorations that will put a smile on anyone in the home.

Getting More “Bang” for your Buck this Fourth of July

Here are four simple ideas for 1-of-a-kind fun filled red, white and blue setting for your Fourth of July entertaining.  By just  gathering a few pieces of glassware and adding  some very inexpensive red, white and blue items  you can create a one of a kind Fourth of July setting.

Supplies to Create a Range of Fourth of July Decorations

Supplies used to make all 4 projects.
  • Fourth of July Decorations | DIY Fourth of July Decorating supplies :: Recycled Glass Vignette w stars and stripesAlthough this list seems like a lot of pieces, remember most of these are pieces you probably have around  the house and the other items used were less than a couple of dollars to purchase.
  • 3 glass cylinder vases
  • 2 small glass dessert cups
  • 2 medium glass dessert cups
  • 1 glass base pedestal
  • 5 glass star shaped tea light holders
  • 2 bunches of red, white and blue daisy florals
  • 1 bunch of small white florals
  • 1 package of paper straws
  • 1 package of red, white and blue assorted patriotic foam stickers
  • 2 floating candles
  • 2 red votive candles
  • 1 package of cupcake liners.

What to buy?

When shopping for these items I always look at items with thought … How can I  get the most from it?

What not to buy?

Now, I am assuming for simplicity sake that you may have some of these things in your home, but not all. By all means, do substitute this for that to make this a great and happy  glass 4th of July display without buying anything. Use what you have, but adding a few fresh elements each year, usually renews the energy of what you’d already have.

Where to buy

Look for bargain Fourth of July decorations in your local dollar stores, thrift shops, craft stores and home decorating stores. Be sure to also peruse online as prices at places like Amazon for party, craft and home decorating supplies can be a fraction of the cost of what you can find in a local store. In short, shop around! Look for Fourth of July Decorations, party decorations , fourth of july crafts.

The materials for this collection of projects was less than $20.

Fourth of July Decorating Project #1

Patriotic Flowers in Glass Vases

Fourth of July straws[3]

Fourth of July Straws with flowers[3]Decorating a glass vase the patriotic way: Take a few of the pieces from your package of Fourth of July – foam stickers. I used 1 word foam sticker  and few foam stars.  Building a pleasing and layered composition, embellish the front of your cylinder vase.

Tip to Get more Bang for your Buck

Fourth of July decorating with Foam stickers

Take a solid star piece and separate the center and the outer pieces. Add the solid blue center on top of a red/white striped sticker, and you add a layer to your decorations, giving it some dimension.

How to Create Decorative Fourth of July Flowers

To hide the fact that you may use mere dollar store supplies, cover the wire flower stems with red/white/blue striped straws. 

Placing the florals in paper straws, not only gives your cylinder vase more color, it also adds color to your Fourth of July theme.

Fourth of July Flower stems and straw holders
Fourth of July Straws with flowers

I love how these flowers are coming out! To make the flower arrangement more abundant, I now add a few white flowers and twigs from my garden and stick these in the straws as well.

Place and arrange your florals in your vase by adding the larger flowers  first and then fill in the open spots with the smaller flowers. 

Here are two different ideas on filling your vases one with red, white and blue floating candles giving a more softer look and the other using some of the red, white and blue florals keeping the bold colors tying in with the rest of the arrangement.

Fourth of July Decorating Project #2:

Patriotic Floating Candles on Pedestals.

Fourth of July filling cylinders

After filling the cylinder vases place your medium glass dessert dishes on top and add your water and place your floating  candles.

Look how great they look in a vignette, as well as on their own.

Fourth of july vase DIYFourth of July Decorating Project #3:

Votives with Ribbons make Perfect Pedestals

Fourth of July decorations

Using a glass pedestal and wrapping the bottom with a coordinating color ribbon for your main glass cylinder vase.

Vary out the height of your objects and working with odd number of pieces is usually how I like to create a display, but here I wanted to show you all the ideas using them.

So with that said you could easily take the 3 larger pieces and display them together in one setting and take the three smaller pieces, and display them in another thus giving you 2  different vignettes. More “BANG” for our buck!

While carrying out the setting and varying out the heights of your glass pieces to elevate them.


Using star votives and stacking them still carries out the theme and gives you again additional  height.

Clear Glass Gives You Any Kind of Decorating-Theme You Wish

Fourth of July decorations_foam_starsFourth of july star insertTo give clear glass a theme or color is so simple.  E.g. Take one of your star foam stickers and place it inside of the star votive.

Now, flip it over, and … tada!!

See, simple: instant theme and color.

Effective and fun.

Fourth of July Decorating Project #4

Cupcake Liners Make Perfect Decorations

Oh that texture, colors and whimsy of cupcake liners!

I use them whenever I can, besides when making cupcakes…. So, Next take the cupcake liners and some pieces from your floral pick and glue them to the inside of your cupcake liners.


Place your small dessert cup inside of the liner and add your votive candle.

I love it.

Experiment! Be creative!

Fourth of july stars

Again by stacking and adding the foam stickers to two of the star votive holders and turning upside down and the last one right side up with a tea light in place  gives you another way of using the star votives.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas as much as I did putting it together.



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Till Next Post…

Xo Tammy

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