Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

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Often the youngsters are having all the fun, or so it seems today. Here is another cool crafts for kids – project that is just a jewel of a cool 4th of July crafts for kids !!

Fourth of July crafts for kids ::
The 1,2,3 How-to-Do-this 4th-of-July Crafts for Kids Project

STEP 1PREP: Prepare a large sheet of butcher’s paper that is the approximate size and shape of the American flag.  Prepare the floor by laying down a sheet of plastic. Tape on the sheet of crafts paper and mark of the two sections of the flag, and within each section, mark where you would like the center of each hand or foot to be. Put diluted red and blue tempura paint in a aluminum tray that is big enough to hold a kid’s foot.

STEP 2. PAINT: Using all the kids in your kindergarten class, or merely your own son/daughter/nephew: let them one by one make prints with one hand. Then, wash the hands. Let your painting dry a tat and repeat with the feet. As a classroom crafts project, depending on class size, of course, each kid get to make 3-4 prints, so they can all stay involved ‘in the game’ while it’s the turn of the others.  It is a really fun group project.

STEP 3: SHOW OFF: Get some lemonade and when that’s finished, go back to admire your artwork. If you did this project in the sun, it will be dry very fast. When done indoors, let it dry overnight before hanging it up. If you hang it up too soon, your paint may sag or tear.  You can frame the group artwork, or pin it on the wall / barn door as a 4th of  July party decoration.  Your kids will be so proud, and enjoy this craft. After all, which kid does not want to put their foot in some paint. How cool is that!

photo credit : Serendipity .

btw. This 4th of July crafts project by Serendipity was done a few years ago. This year they are featuring a red, white and blue 4th of July party table setting. Of interest also?

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