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Food for Pain Relief | Ok. We’re no doctors, but growing your own food for pain relief is way easier than what was once thought. The fruit and veggies on your own veggie patch can be used as a home remedy against pain. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Now learn how to grow your own.

Food for Pain Relief

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Sometimes I come across an article and I wonder ‘could this be considered craft or DIY’? Well, today’s article is definitely not crafty nor about home decorating, but it is a nifty, wholesome, nature-based, DIY idea that’s too good to pass up. And it a perfect sequel to our Mother Earth week.

Here’s a top 5 food for pain relief, that we are growing in our garden. And we did not just grow these to fight pain; we like the taste and look fo them too. And some of them, grow abundantly as a weed! Most of these herbs and vegetables you can grow organically in your own garden.

  1. Cherries – has  anthocyanins, i.e. antioxidants that work to alleviate pain. We have a lovely cherry tree that has been there for years. Besides cherries, the tree also produce stunning blossoms in Spring.
  2. Ginger – Grown in my kitchen garden. Use this to sooth stomach pain. During my pregnancy, to each my nausea, this root became my big-time friend, and we have not parted since.
  3. Chilly peppersanti-inflammatory. and full of vitamins B-6 and C, as well as potassium, fibre, beta carotene (which your body turns into vitamin A) and is said to fight cancer as well. Inflammation can cause pain amongst other things. Plants like a lot of sun to grow and produced well.
  4. Garlic – anti-inflammatory. Easy to grow. And yeah, super tasty and used in many cuisines.
  5. Celery – personally, I am not having a great success with growing this, as slugs and snails in my garden like them too. It’s nonetheless excellent. I may try growing some in a greenhouse next year.
  6. And as a bonus: Dandelion – these come free from mother nature into my garden. LOL. Dandelion is excellent as a tea. And I use the leaves, snipped up small as they’re bitter, into my salads. Note: only eat dandelions from grass patches that are completely organic.
pain fighting food home remedy

In our last link-up DIY party, Linda from Crafts A La Mode was the one who brought up this topic, as she talked about how she uses food as a home remedy to help curb pain. Her friend got her onto this years ago, and she is now a converted health-conscious health food grower. Hop over to Crafts a la Mode for some simple suggestions. Don’t expect a complete medical handbook – it is not. But her article has healthful info with a Mother Nature -loving attitude. This is important. Which is why it I am featuring it today.

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