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6 block so far in our quilt sampler. It’s starting to look gorgeous. (Free block patterns at end of article) Janeen van Niekerk will teach us how to make a flying geese block ~ #7 ~ today. It has a real modern feel to it. As Janeen will point out, with some minor modification (letting the geese fly in the same way), you can create a chevron block for allover chevron quilt.  To me, this is where the real power of this free online quilting workshop series for beginners lies: in the learning of the basic quilting techniques and patterns, so you can fantasize and design your own.

 free flying geese block quilt block pattern

Quilting Tips for Beginners

Sampler Quilt Workshops Series,  Week 7

Flying Geese Block

(Photo A)

There are so many variations on the Flying Geese block. This makes a great block for a beginner as well as anyone looking for an easy chevron block without having to make half square triangles.

The Plan (Photo Plan)Flying Geese Block Quilt Pattern plan

Here you can see clearly there are two segments that are exactly the same only facing in the opposite direction. There are A triangles which are smaller and B triangles in the middle which are bigger. From Photo A you can see that I chose to make my middles all in white to match the rest of my blocks and then have 4 other color blocks. You can mix your colors up here just as you like. The “geese” are essentially the middle blocks which are flying behind each other.

The chevron can also be clearly seen. It is just a matter of where you place which fabric.

Flying Geese Quilt Block 1  :: Janeen van Niekerk :: Quilt Art DesignsCutting Your Quilt Fabric for the Flying Geese Block

We will need 8 rectangles measuring 5.5” x 3” (14 x 7.6 cm).

There are 4 other colors used.

We will need from each color 4 squares measuring 3 x 3” (7.6 cm).

Sewing The Top Section

Flying Geese Quilt Block 2

Draw a diagonal line through one square and place it right sides facing onto the rectangle (Photo 2).

Flying Geese Quilt Block 3  :: Janeen van Niekerk :: Quilt Art Designs

Sew onto the drawn line (Photo 3).

Flying Geese Quilt Block 4  :: Janeen van Niekerk :: Quilt Art Designs

Cut off the excess fabric and remember to have a ¼” seam (Photo 4).

Open up the seam.

Flying Geese Quilt Block 5  :: Janeen van Niekerk :: Quilt Art Designs

Mark another square and place onto the opposite corner of the rectangle (Photo 5).

Flying Geese Quilt Block 6

Sew onto the drawn line, cut off the excess (Photo 6).

Flying Geese Block Quilt Pattern 7  :: Janeen van Niekerk :: Quilt Art Designs

Press open. (Photo 7)

Flying Geese Block Quilt Pattern  8  :: Janeen van Niekerk :: Quilt Art Designs

Now place another rectangle on top of the first section and sew down using a ¼” seam. (Photo 8)

Flying Geese Block Quilt Pattern 9  :: Janeen van Niekerk :: Quilt Art Designs

Press open the white fabric and then repeat the whole process of drawing your line on a colored square and sewing it down, cut off the excess fabric, press open. Other corner same thing. (Photo 9)

Soon you will have completed 4 of the flying geese sections.

The Bottom Section

For the Bottom Section you will do the exact same. The colors you started with in the first section are the same as the bottom section.

Once you have completed both top and bottom sections you will place them side by side. From the Plan you will notice that one section goes left and one to the right.

Sew the two sections together taking care to line up the joins.

Flying Geese Block Quilt Pattern 11

This is our Week 7 Flying Geese block – measuring 10.5” unfinished. (Photo 11)

Only 2 blocks to go….

Till next week!

Janeen van Niekerk

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