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~ Fire Pit Benches to Buy or Make ~
Garden makeover inspiration to create an ideal outdoor space for Spring, Summer & Fall garden entertainment. In prior articles, I talked about the pros and cons of wooden and stone garden benches, and showed you how to make your own eco-friendly fire pit.

cozy fire pit benches
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This photo shows all all these features combined: curved, stacked-stone fire pit benches all around makes this a perfect outdoor entertaining space.

Our prior articles on garden benches and fire pits might help you with this project. BHG does not provide how-to instructions.

However, it looks to me as this project would require the help of a professional landscape designer and carpenter.

Curved DIY Fire Pit Benches

DIY curved outdoor benches

If you want to DIY, then, our prior articles on garden benches and fire pits might help you with this project, as could these ‘curved’ DIY fire pit benches

Learn more about this ‘intermediate’ project:

Commercial Curved Benches

Alternatively, you could purchase several curved benches and create the look without you doing any actual carpentry. Consider for example these benches (click image to learn more about each). Made from sustainably harvested hardwood, Eucalyptus Grandis:

(4 of these make a full circle)

DIY Fire Pit from Recycled Washing Machine Drum

fire pit benches DIY
Free Tutorial to Make Your own Firepit.

Leave the bricks!

Show off your $10/ 1 hr handmade fire pit, made from a recycled washing machine drum instead.

Fabulous, isn’t it?!!

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