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It’s been a while since I wrote about finger knitting, giving you the complete, illustrated how-to finger knitting pattern as well as a short-list of finger knitting projects to make.  Well, today I’d like to feature a beautiful loom rug finger knitting pattern that then uses loom weaving techniques as well. Exciting…

Loom Rug Finger Knitting Pattern

This beautiful circular rug made by the kids of Anna Weil, from Flax and Twine. It was so easy to make, according to her.

You can make it as large as your finger knit strands allows. Depending on the size of it, use this as a table rug, bathroom rug or child bedroom bedside rug. Because you are using a thick weaving ‘thread’, the rugs are relatively thick and soft  – it feels wonderful to touch and under your feet if you were to put it on the floor.

Loom Rug Finger Knitting Pattern / Loom Knitting Tutorial

Here’s the 1,2,3 how-to.

Making the Loom

The very first thing to do is to make your own knitting loom. Use either a hoola-hoop or cardboard cut into a large circle as the base for your rug loom.

  • If you use cardboard, make incisions into the circle at regular intervals. Then, weave the loom wheel ‘spokes’ diagonally across the circle to make a complete wheel.
  • If you use a hula-hoop as a frame, the same principle applies. However, now you tie your loom wheel ‘spokes’ onto the hula-hoop at opposite sides of it. Make your loom wheel by creating evenly-spaced wheel spokes.

For a well constructed loom, allow enough space between spokes.  But don’t go too wide either. See the picture.  Anna Weil whose kids made this beautiful rug used the hula-hoop as a frame.

Making the Rug, step-by-step

  1. Take your miles of finger knitting work, and organize the various pieces into create a lovely color order.  Go umbra (from dark to light), go wild and random, or stick to a harmonious color scheme. Up to you. But think about it in advance so you’ll be happy with your final project.
  2. Circular rugs are always started at the center. You weave your strands of fingering knitting work through the ‘spokes’ of your wheel, till the whole wheel is filled and/or all your finger knit strands are used.
  3. To finish off, secure the end of your yarn with a tapestry needle. Then, cut the spokes of your loom and tie two adjacent spokes together with a knot.  For neat look, weave the knotted ends back into the rug. For a fun look, leave the ends on the rug as is, like a fringe. For an even more wicked look, add pompoms to the ends of the rug with bits of leftover yarn.

More pictures and details on the source blog.  Photo credit | project idea :

Loom Rug Finger Knitting Pattern

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