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Finger knitting. Did you learn it in school? I didn’t. In fact it was a visiting teenager who taught me not too long ago. Great for kids to learn how to knit, and great way to play with yarn without doing anything ‘involved’.



Finger Knitting

I hope this picture is mostly self-explanatory, but let me add some instructions on how to proceed.

What you see here is your first row that’s created by weaving the yarn between your four fingers back and forth, so that there’s thread on either side of your fingers.  This is the first step.

In the second step, you create a second row, identical to your first one.

In the third step, with your right hand, you’ll pull the yarn of the first row over the second row. 

Repeat step 2 and 3 over and over again till your finger knitting piece is as long as you’d like it to be.  Yarn off by pulling the four stitches over one another and cut your yarn in the middle of your last loop.

That’s it. Now do what you want with it…

Finger knitting Tip:

If you are working with very thin acrylic yarn, consider to double your yarn to give your project a bit more ‘body’.  What’s fun about doing this is that you can use yarn of two different (complementary/adjacent) colors.

The alternative is to use chunky yarn, which delivers the kind of results that I love for a contemporary take on things.

Finger Knitting Project Ideas:

There are all kinds of finger knitting projects including how to make a ruffle scarf out there. I think for beginners, it’s best to keep things super simple and make a doll scarf, which requires about 40 rows of finger knitting. Add a fringe on either side with a few strips of yarn and you’re in business.

Finger knitting is quite addictive and you’ll progress so fast, I jus KNOW that you will want to make one or more projects. So, I’ve added another article with just finger knitting projects.


Other Knitting Patterns & Ideas:

Over time, we’ve featured about three dozen fashionable, but easy knitting patterns. Click the link and review images of all of them, and pick the one that pleases you.  Or, visit my pattern shop.

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