Felt Heart Basket Tutorial

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Felt heart basket tutorial - DIY catch-all :: FineCraftGuild.com
Felt Heart Basket Tutorial

photo credit: FineCraftGuild.com

One Sunday morning, I woke up early. It was back in my Italy days, and the sun came through our kitchen window ‘just so beautifully and so peacefully’ that I wanted to just sit there in that light and do something creative.

This is what I made:

A felt heart basket

The basket holds a collection of my healing crystals these days. I keep it out year- round. It would make a romantic handmade Valentine’s gift for someone, don’t you think?

What about the Felt I am using here? You remember Carolina Morning?! They sent me a large bag full of eco felt wool scraps. This friendly site will give me a commission IF YOU USE my exclusive Carolina Morning discount code of 0012310. Pleas use it and be so kind so as to tell them I referred you when you buy from them. Thank you so much! Oh, and the scraps are super cheap too! Only $4.50 a pound! Yes. Really.

Felt Heart Basket Tutorial

How to make this heart shaped basket, you cut out a heart shape either by hand or by first making a perfectly symmetrical template. Then, cut heart. For the sizes, measure the circumference of the heart basket bottom. Once you know that, measure a long strip of felt to match that plus an 1/4”.

Felt heart basket tutorial - DIY catch-all :: FineCraftGuild.com
Felt Heart Basket Tutorial

With a small blanket stitch, sew the sides of the basket onto the bottom. For the top, either do nothing, or you can add a string of sequins. I quite like the look of the later as it gives a feminine flair to what would otherwise simple and plain felt basket.

Be sure visit Carolina Morning and check out their super high quality organic felt scraps (from large futons, etc.) inexpensively. You must tell them in their order form that I sent you (Rose from FineCraftGuild.com) and they will reward you for doing so with a nice discount. Go get it!

Note: this felt is actually made for lining. However, as I am showing you here, it’s fuzziness can be a great aspect of a display item as well. It’s all how you use it. I love its softness in contrast with my shiny healing crystals.

Also see the cute felt crafts bows that I made with this remnant felt from Carolina Morning. They looks so cute in my wreath now.

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