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How to make Felt Bows |. Felt is one of the oldest fabrics known to man. So, for old time sake then, a Felt Crafts Tutorial today: how to make hair bows out of felt.

Here is a simple felt bow making tutorial. Once you made your own felt bow, you can use it to embellish just about anything. I have worn the bow I made below as a bulky brooch, on a pony tail crunchy, and as an embellishment on a bag. I just added one of these hair accessory clasps and attached it onto anything I like.

Felt Crafts Supplies – What You’ll Need to Make this Bow
  1. Eco Felt Wool Scraps from Carolina Morning. This friendly site will give me a commission but only IF YOU USE the following check-out code, which will also give you a 5% discount. Please be so kind so as to tell them I referred you when you buy from them. Thank you so much!

NOTE: Not all felt is born equal. If you ever bought thick wool felt, you know that it usually is expensive!!! For example, this set of nine 12×12″ felt samples from another craft tools supplier will set you back $65.

  • In contrast, wool scraps from Carolina Morning are a crafters order_now[1]delight! They are top quality pure ORGANIC wool, treated and washed only with natural products. And they are CHEAP: $4.50 a pound.  Or, $20/5 lbs.
  • 5 lbs: that’s a LOT of wool felt craft materials. You can make many things with that.
  • I was gifted such a $20 pack by Carolina Mornings (the Futons & Zafu Meditation Pillow Makers). I  have made 7-8 things already, and only barely begun using it up.
  • Tip: if you want to make larger items: you can ask for/order wide scraps, so that you can make bag linings etc. with it.
  • So, hop over!  BE SURE TO use our exclusive Carolina Morning discount code of 0012310, and YOU will get 5% off your entire first order (check if it’s still valid in 2023?).  Even if you add a futon, 15 zafu meditation pillows to that bag of organic wool felt scraps. You will always get 5% off, and …. they are so nice to give us a kind commission as well.

Other Craft Supplies You’ll need are:

  1. Sewing Thread and Needle.
  2. Small Barrette / Clip, (good to attach it to anything: scarf, poke it through a cardigan, add attach to a hat or bag
  3. Large Hair Barrette: (best for thick –hair pony tails)
  4. Embroidery Floss, optional.
  5. Scissors
  6. A couple of pins.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Bow Felt Crafts

Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words. Do you really want more explanation than these three collage-ed photos below? I guess so.

1. Find a wool scrap that is about the right width of the bow size you aim to make.


2. Cut out three parts: A: Section #1 (top in picture) that will form the two loops, B. Section #2 (right in picture) the small tie –wrap around this, and C. Section #3 (bottom left) which will become the two bow tails.

3. You will find that these parts not have to be exactly the same shapes as I have used. Approximately will be just fine.  For example, if you prefer to have rounded bow tails, than that will be really cute also.


Fold Section #1 as is shown in the picture. See how the edges overlap? Good.  With an ‘invisable’ thread, secure this shape in position with a few stitches in the center.

4. Wrap the small tie around it and secure the wrap in the back of your bow with few stitches.

5. Lay the wrapped loops on top of bow-tails-section. Sew them together with a further few stitches.

6. Shape the bow with your hands. It should look like a perfect bow now. If not, you  may want to add an invisible stitch here or there, or simply tuck it all a bit.  When it looks marvelous, sew a barrette on the back of your bow.

how to make  a felt bow

That’s it.  A simple bow barrette for you to make. This could qualify as a cool craft for kids, I believe.

And then, when you tidy up all the craftiness from the table, you realize that this bow could easily adorn your monogram glass on the ‘pretty table’.

craft felt bow howto
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