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Today, I’m showing you ideas for lovely homemade Christmas ornaments from fabric & felt to hang in your Christmas trees.

Here in Pasadena, California, I came across darling felt Christmas ornaments that could serve as Christmas decorating ideas: Christmas trees, ornament birds made from fabric scraps, wool Christmas ornament balls adorned with hand-embroidered icicles, Christmas wreaths made out of scrap fabric balls, and other such unique Christmas ornament treasures. Be inspired by my collection of felt Christmas decorations.

This is my felt Christmas tree ornaments collection. While these are store-bought examples, my mind is seeking the hand-cut variety with all the lovely irregularity that that entails. And the lovely Saturday afternoon cutting and crafting (with kids). 

Let your mind wander beyond ‘Christmas Trees’. These ornaments can be used to cheer up just about anything.  Use your hot glue gun and attach a flat felt tree or a sweet 2-layered icicle onto your coffee cup cozy. Or the 3D mini Christmas trees made out of felt rings and shiny beads are perfect as a key fob or door ornament.

Christmas Decoration Ideas ~ Made From Felt


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Red on red – classic with a twist. Whether you prefer Scandinavian red and white or burgundy red, you will get it your way, either way.  This wreath is made of felted tubes. Stunning, yes?! Anthropologie of course. Spotted in Sta Monica, California.




Traditional Christmas Colors

Lovely felt tree to hang as fob on the doors, on your keys or in a white tree.


felt xmas tree ornament

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This double layered felt snowflake ornament felt like the Scandinavian north had come down to the Californian south.  Love the look and feel of this. Again, would prefer your hand cutting it rather than a machine dye n cut scenario… Maybe you will try…

Contemporary Color for Christmas

Classic colors are good, but if you want something else for a chance, how about …. purple and lime green? It will be an unique Christmas decor, particularly when paired with pale blue/silver…


Fun lightweight Christmas tree decoration. While these are hanging in a shop for silverfelt_ornament_xmassale (yes, good old Target in Pasedena, CA), the truth is that I quite dig them as is, but would prefer them if they were hand cut and a bit more irregular. Can you see the lovely variations you would cut?!!

That lovely felt tree ornament in silver grey…

Felt Snow Flakes are just like Paper Snow Flakes …

You might remember that I have quite a fondness of handmade paper doilies, so to hand cut felt snowflakes & Christmas tree ornaments is just a step away from this. ( In fact, last year, I made a whole slew of paper cut doilies for our Christmas tree, but I never blogged about it… Maybe later this month, I will…)


Meanwhile, I have more beautiful and contemporary felt Christmas ornaments to show you, but I just want to start publishing ideas, so here is what I have for you now….

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