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Today, I want to start with Featuring some of the best entries in the last 3 link parties. There were some amazing ideas, and sometimes it is easy to overlook the best ones. I know. I visit everyone myself, and realize that often the feature photo does not do justice to the greatness of the project (and sometimes vise versa). So, I visit all of you. ;-) Afterall, parties are about community.

Featured Creative Party bloggers

I am posting them here in no particular order, because they are all great, in their own way.



diy washi tape

The first favorite is by a blogger who I’ve featured before, but she is good crafter, so here she is again, this time she shows us how to DIY washi tape. ‘Stinking’ cute, I’d say. I got to try this. I want to make OM tape… Will blog about it. source: https://laks365.blogspot.it/2012/04/diy-washi-tape-using-cheap-masking-tape.html



My second feature is this Anthropologie-kinda yellow mirror makeover. It’s a trash to treasure transformation. You truly expect to find a mirror like this in Anthropologie, don’t you? Simple spray-paint did the trick to transform trash to treasure. Well done. Link: justhadabrightidea.blogspot.it/2012/04/trash-to-treasure-decorative-mirror.html


diy doiley lanterns

So simple, so romantic. Glue a lacy doily around a recycled jam jar and put a candle in it.  This makes a perfect votive  for a lovely evening on the porch. Life ought to be this simple and this delightful.
link: https://www.desireempire.com/2012/04/vintage-doily-lanterns-and-bunting-and.html



Are You Featured?

If you are one of the above features, then hop over to the “I’m Featured Badge” over that our ‘Party admin page, to proudly post it on your website.

If you are NOT featured, don’t be sad. Your chance is awaiting!!!!
How? Easy?
1. MAKE GOOD CRAFT/DIY PROJECTS, and inspirational photos
2. LINK BACK to the party,

Why link back? So many reasons:

0. It is generous, and generosity always breeds success and joy.

  • 1. it gives credibility to your blog
  • 2. it is good internet manners
  • 3. these are the party rules
  • 4. it is a benefit you’ll offer to your readers who can enjoy the party benefits also.
  • 5. unless blogs link back to my blog it is a disaster for my blog to have so many links going out. which would eventually mean that none would find the party, and hence not find you. Or something like that.
  • 6. it builds community.

  • 7. it makes my day.

If you need more reasons, I’ll give you 4 more. So, long story short, there were many others I considered to feature. I had a shortlist of 10.  However they were not linking back to this LINK party.  They will be considered once they link back.

Ok. Let’s play, share and show what we have made.


The 14th Edition of TIME FOR A PARTY.

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