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To showcase how great our readers are, today I am featuring many blogs, each within a specific category. Here are ‘The Best’ nominations amongst the contributions from guests at our last Linky Party.

The Greatest Home Decor Paint Transformation


door paint

French Doors Paint Makeover

From miserable to décor-chic. Oh, the good things paint can do, and Julie did it! She wrote up the details on her blog, and joins us all the way from Sydney, Australia.

By: Knot all that I seam

The Most Beautifully Painted Furniture


DIY paint furniture

Garbage Can makeover

A very successful furniture paint project! First, Maggie covered the ugly brown pine waste cabinet in ‘So Cool’ -colored Valspar paint. Then she painted the decoration with a stencil. Last, she used an acrylic paint called Wicker, in a brown beige color, and with a liner brush, outlined the stencil.

She used another stencil for the top lid with the word Paris. And there you have it: Maggie’s Paris inspired waste bin makeover.

By: Little Miss Maggie L.



DIY paint basket

Hand-painted picnic basket

I want to be invited to the picnic at Heaven’s Walk. Love this!

By Heavens walk (https://heavens-walk.blogspot.it/2012/04/dust-bunnies-socks-and-picnic-basket.html)

The Most Contemporary Project



Kate Spade – inspired Wooden Beads Necklace

Kate Spade might have a new designer on her team soon… Is this professional or what?!

I’d like to recognize Kelly in 2 categories: ‘Best Tutorials’ as well as ‘Most Contemporary Project’.

Learn more: herringbonelane.blogspot.it/2012/04/diy-wood-bead-necklace.html

The Best Pet-themed Craft


dog quilt

Darling Dog Quilt

This puppy quilt is both a do-able (i.e. not crazy difficult and time-consuming like many other quilts),.  Every puppy is personalised with the cutest floppy ears, buttons for the nose and eyes, and embroidery for the mouths.  If you have small children, I’d replace the buttons with black embroidery thread or black yarn instead. Easy to do.  The quilt is made from flannel.

Interested in making puppy quilt? Pattern & instructions:  HERE.

By Shannon, from Sew Sweet Cottage (sewsweetcottage.blogspot.it/2012/03/sew-and-show-saturday3-doggone-cute.html)

The DIY Project I Most Want to Do



Little Lacy Miracle Dress

Jutta did it again. Am I featuring her work here for the second or third time now? Lost count. My initial ‘rule’ was to not feature a link party guest more than once. But what to do with someone who keeps on coming back with ‘winners’. I’ve decided to give you (my reader) the best, no matter who submits it.

If you want a copy of her dress sewing pattern book with 25 such great dresses, here it is:

I Am Cute Dresses:
25 Simple Designs to Sew

Learn ore or buy on Amazon

Inexpensive for so many patterns!


tote bags

Boho Pleated Tote Bag

by Esther at “Happy in Red”. The simplicity, the adorable fabrics, the size, and I guess the overall tone/style of the bag speaks to me.

The Simplest, Quickest Embellishment Crafts



Boho Painted vase

By Craftionary.net

All she had to do is add little red dabs of paint, and she transformed this boring home decoration to Restauration Hardware, Z Gallery or Anthropologie-level ‘wow’. Love it!


shell toothpicks

Easy Shell Toothpicks

Have to make these! Another easy project that transforms the boring mundane into a sensual luxury treat. Carolyn is good at that!

By Disiree Empire

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