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Nope. You haven’t ran out of time yet to make something personal for fathers day this year.  Here’s Rose coming to the rescue with a Fathersday Scrapbooking template for a Dad Album!

Dad Album

Last year, one of the Fathers Day projects I (Rose) had in mind was to share a little DAD book with you. It took me until now to finally made one for you, complete with downloadable template to make this a fun & doable Fathersday project for kids.

Here it is. Like it?


(featured baby photo credit: Simona Balint)

To make your own lovely Fathers Day photo album, multi-layered greeting card  aka fathers day poetry album, just use the free template and begin. Fill it with photos, add your favorite mementos and/or a fathers day poem.  Or, add a stash of blank pages between each letter and transform this template into a handmade note book.

Whatever your final personalization steps will be with this Fathers Day craft template for kids and adults alike, it’s sure to make him happy & sure to be fun to make. Our free downloadable DAD Book pattern is here (click the image)

Fathersday scrapbooking template


How-to Use this Fathersday Craft Template

2 options: use it to make a 100% handmade version, or with some computer help, a digital version.

For a 100% Handmade Fathersday Scrapbooking Album

  • 1. Print the template to any size you want.
  • 2. Trace it over thin cardboard and cut it in three parts, along the horizontal lines.
  • 3. Cut off the white space on the right side of the letters.
  • 4. Now lay the strips on top of each other so it reads ‘Dad’.
  • 5. To decorate the template, add recycled wrapping papers, stickers and photos, to both the front and the back of the pages.
  • 6. After adding the background paper place all three cards over each other and punch 2-5 holes for binding.
  • 7. Bind them with a ribbon in contrasting color, after  you’ve added all your photos and things.

For a Digital Scrapbooking Craft Project

  • Do the same using digital scrapbooking materials:
  • 1. Make sure you make 2x the scrapbooking page layouts as the number of pages, i.e. 6, for the front and the back of each letter page.
  • 2. You can use Photoshop and Illustrator to make your own backgrounds, embellishments and other details, or you can use ready-made digital scrapbooking sets with matching colors, buttons, etc., which will safe you quite a bit of time and which usually brings your creative results a few notches up, as professional scrapbooking designers are talented and spend quite a lot of time and attention to detail to make their sets.
  • 3. When done designing your fathers day book, print the pages and assemble.

Finishing Touch

For both Fathersday Scrapbooking project versions:

  • Sprinkle stardust and love over your book.
  • Sign it at the back with your name and the date.


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