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We have enough time to sew him something special. Him. You know, Dada. The man who has everything already. It seems to get harder year after year to come up with something good. The gifts he wants are usually either too expensive, not in line with the family budget. Or he simply buys them for himself. What is a wife to do???!!!

Well, perhaps …. it’s best that we give him something that we like?!! It is ‘illegal’ to use fathers day as an excuse to give him a new favorite shirt so that he can dish the one that you are not fond of??! Or to induce behaviors that suit us well? Like dressing up. Wearing boxer shorts? I don’t think that’s so bad. In fact, it’s quite clever, isn’t ???!!

And so, that’s how this list of free sewing patterns for men was devised. Patterns for men’s clothing and accessories that would to make a good Fathers Day gifts by my standards. Basically, undies and socks, but… with a twist. (wink). Check it out!


Handmade Fathers Day gifts :: Free Sewing Patterns for Men ::


For beginning seamstresses, who want more romance, this is the sewing project for you.

How to make Classic boxers (version 1) or Boxer shorts tutorial and pattern, version 2 (the man in the picture)

There’s more to how to make underwear for men than you think, and be sure to also see: Handy Tips for sewing men’s underwear.

Here’s a free sewing tutorial to make boxers shorts with lots of step by step photos. Not crazy about the ‘anti-love’ design theme here, but sure like the extra sewing instructions that are particular to boxer shorts making: Anti-love boxers from pillowcase.

Or if he prefers stretchy cotton underwear, go for this sewing pattern: Stretch fabric boxers.  This pattern is for low-rise, tight and hip-hugging  boxer shorts of stretch fabric. Quite different from the classic boxers. In fact, these are the ones you could borrow and they would look good on you (wink).

A Pattern for Everyone: Beginners &  Advanced

If you don’t know  how to sew yet,  I still have something for you: use these instructions on how to appliqué his underwear.  Really fun way to personalize something very personal.

Free Sewing Patterns for Modern Ties as Fathers Day Gifts — For Beginners

Fathers Day tie: Free Sewing Patterns for Men ::

If you want him to dress up a tat more, or get rid of some old ugly old-fashioned ties, let’s make him some new ones!!! Here are three different bowtie and tie sewing patterns:

Hoodies, Cowl & Shawl Patterns for Men

If you want him to take the dog out more often, or go camping with you, or if you can’t wait for him to dish that hoodie with advertising logos on it… here are 4 friends: wonderful, detailed, illustrated sewing patterns for men clothing for you:

Manly Cowl Sewing Pattern – For Beginners

This cowl is in the collage feature picture, on the bottom right. (I am posting this here now as the site where it was originally, theboytrifecta, is now abandoned and infested with spam, unfortunately)

Material Needed: 0.5 yard of fabric. If your fabric is 60 inches wide, you only need a 0.25 yard.

Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of fabric 30 inches wide by 9 inches tall.

Step 2: Sew them right sides together along the long edges of the fabric. Turn it right side out. You should have a very long tube.

Step 3: Fold your tube in half, matching the seams.

Step 4: Sew the short edges together. To do this, you want to sew the MIDDLE two layers of fabric together, being sure to keep the top and bottom layers out of the way while stitching.

You can see me holding those layers out of the way in the photo below. Stitch as far around as you can – as you close the opening with your stitches.

Step 5: Slip stitch the remaining opening shut.

Step 6: Give the cowl a good pressing, and then top stitch the top and bottom edges about an eighth inch from the edge.

End of pattern.

Free Jacket Sewing Pattern – Advanced

If you are an advanced seamstress and you want him to receive lots of compliments (for your work), try giving him this for Fathers day. Honestly, this is an amazingly free jacket pattern: A fantastic color block Club jacket tutorial and pattern.

Bag Sewing Patterns

Now let’s look at a couple of bag patterns. Here’s a cute one that’s not to difficult:

Men’s Bike Bag Sewing Pattern

If you want him  to bring you some chocolate home on his way back from work, or his daily bike ride, make him this! I love this innovative design, made from a (recycled) SOCK. This recycled sock bike handlebar bag is pretty preppy and pretty simple!

Bike bag with reflective tape for safety.
Made from old sock and recycled plastic bottle

Handmade Fathers Day gift bicycle bag: Free Sewing Patterns for Men ::

Project by Sarahmaker, although project no longer on the website.

Dad’s Travel Bag Sewing Pattern

And then there is this men travel bag – another free sewing pattern, that’s slightly more intermediate, but still very do-able. I love the muted colors.


Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a handmade card…

Don’t forget a Fathers Day Card!

Add a card and gift tag to your sewn shirt, shorts, jacket or tie. So, be sure to visit our free downloadable Fathers Day Cards – section. Or go to our Fathers Day Gifts overview page, to find matching gift tags and more Fathers Day ideas.

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