Fathers Day Certificate Templates to Celebrate Dad

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Thanks to this free certificate template, this is a super-easy craft project. The template allows you to complement your handmade Fathers Day card/gift with a Fathers’ Day Certificate that celebrates your dad’s unique talents, hobbies and lovely things he does for you, year-round.

Actually, you can give your dad an all-around compliment and expression of live by simply making him a ‘Certificate for Being the Best Dad Ever’. You get to choose what you wish to say on your certificate.

This free fathers day activity does not take long, and is great for all aged children. Toddlers make a drawing on the free downloadable certificate, while their older siblings write out their specific Father’s Day wishes and celebrations of dad.

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Fathers Day Certificate

Click here for your free downloadable Fathers Day Certificate template.

(photo credit: Andrew Davidson (sxc.hu/profile/underphl)

Great Decoration Tip of your Fathers Day Certificate

Cut out a long piece of red fabric into a ribbon and glue it onto your certificate. You can top if off with a red circle on top of that, to simulate a seal, which you can sign and date.


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To issue a certificate to a group of people, I suggest you purchase a set of ready-made certificates instead of printing this free template. Counting the ink you’ll need and the color printer copy paper, it will be less expensive and look better if you buy already printed certificates. Find some here for a great price: High Quality Certificate Paper

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