Fast, Easy Knitted Scarf Pattern for Lola (the ‘mini Sweet November’)

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Voilà. My latest fast and easy knitted scarf pattern. I designed this scarf pattern for Lola. It will take her probably less than an hour to whip up this 1-skein wonder and score big-time with her friends for having handmade Christmas gifts that are as cool as this.

This is a perfect project to knit for beginners. It’s small, and the cable is a faux cable (wink), so all you need to know is knit and purl. And in the pattern I’ll show you a  super easy (and barely visible) way to increase.

Fast, Easy Knitted Scarf Pattern **  I call this the mini Sweet-November necktie as it reminds me of the lovely scarf featured in the film but is slightly more practical as you wear this in your home also, and not only outside.
My new Mini-Sweet November Scarf Pattern


The yarn is a super soft and velvety chenille yarn. Despite the fact that  chenille’s velvet texture feels luxurious, it tends to be affordable yarn.

I picked Louisa Harding* Nerissa, that’s made with 100% cotton. Nerissa is an Worsted-weight or Aran-weight yarn. Per skein of 50 g,  you’ll get a length of 98 yrds (90m)  You’ll need just 1.  Or half, really: this 1-skein wonder scarf leaves you plenty of yarn leftover to make a second project. E.g. I just made this cool yarn ring…
If you can’t find Louisa Harding Nerissa (I found mine in my stash), don’t fret.  Consider buying chenille yarn of similar weight from any of my affiliate vendors, e.g. Chenille Yarn at Amazon. This yarn comes in many colors.

The Knitted Scarf Pattern

Ready to give this fast and easy knitted scarf pattern a go?

knitting pattern

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What’s the Story Behind this Knitted Scarf?

You might all have seen the Sweet November scarf on this blog last year or the year ago. Very popular.  However, it’s a real scarf-scarf. I wanted to design something that would actually fit within a collar, kind or like a necktie. Consider my necktie scarf design a sort of a mini-Sweet November scarf, with a cabled twist.

Chenille Yarn Knitting Patterns

I’m sure you’ve all see this lovely snuggle sofa blanket made with some sort of chenille yarn:

Tip: If you’d used some kind of chenille-style yarn to make yourself a blanket, go thru your stash. You might find enough leftover yarn to make yourself a quick scarf like this.

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