Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Ideas from Italy

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I just did a whirlwind tour of 3 Italian cities: Rome, Formia and Milan. Today, I am showing you some of my creative, artistic and fashion craft finds while there.

1. Contemporary Crochet Bib Necklace

crochet bib necklace - Italian accessory

This was a fashion finds in Italy’s beach resort of Formia. If you’d like a pattern for something like this, be inspired by this really easy, free crochet bib necklace pattern .

2. Glamour Rose Bag

Silver rose bag - Italian Fashion Accessory

This glamour bag is like a bouquet of 14 silk, silver Roses. There is something really sensual and feminine about this bag. I really like it.

Free Patterns to help you get this Look

While the above two fashion items don’t yet have a pattern of their own, I do have range of related free patterns to create this look:

3. Chunky Glamorous Chain Necklace

chunky chain necklace with plastic roses

This chunky chain necklace combines gemstones with plastic/plaster flowers – a fashion jewelry idea from Rome, Italy.

4. Stunning Shell Lamp

Shell Lamp - Beach Decor Idea from Italy

An absolutely unique and yes stunning shell lamp makes for an upscale beach decor.

Here is a close up of it:
shell lamp

At first, I thought that these large lamps were made of paper. When having a closer look, I realised that they were made from sliced shells. How absolutely amazing is that??!! That’s a lot of shells and a lot of work to make. Decorative art!

And that makes 4 Fashion Jewelry & Home Accessories Ideas from Italy.

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