15 Farmhouse Chic Decor Ideas


The ‘Farmhouse Chic’ decor style celebrates the graciousness of farm finds, vintage heirlooms, well-worn woods and patinas, and the simple elegance of classic decorative motifs. The natural color-way of our farmhouse chic decor ideas included gray-browns, off-whites, natural greens, princess-blues and romantic pinks. Farmhouse chic is not picky, and a scala of various styles can be managed into one room design. Farmhouse chic requires the art of blending. And that’s an art. ‘Try me, love me’ it seems to shout. Have a go at it yourself with these handy DIY farmhouse chic decor ideas, which each feature a tutorial as well.

Farmhouse Chic Decor Ideas - FineCraftGuild.com

Farmhouse Chic Decor Ideas – Living Room

1. Interior Designer Color Advice:Farmhouse Chic Decor Ideas - FineCraftGuild.com
How to Create a Flow of Color and Pattern in a Home
to create a farmhouse chic decor.

2. DIY Wooden Ceiling to top off a chic farmhouse decor.

3. Farmhouse Chic Decor Ideas - FineCraftGuild.comDIY Ballard Cabinet Knockoff as Functional Farmhouse Chic Decor. Fits anywhere in the house.


Farmhouse Chic Decor Ideas – Bedroom

4. Farmhouse Chic Wooden Headboard from Recycled Pallet, Drift wood: Farmhouse Chic Decor Ideas - FineCraftGuild.comDIY Pallet Bed, fit for a (gipsy) Princess

5. Farmhouse Chic Decor Ideas - FineCraftGuild.comDIY Rustic Bedside Table, made with vintage fruit tree wood, recycled from the farm barn.

6. Decorate with Vintage Ladders

7. Rustic Bathroom Storage, for a Farmhouse Chic Decor in the Bathrooom.


Farmhouse Chic Decor Ideas – Kitchen

8. Farmhouse Chic Decor Ideas - FineCraftGuild.comItalian farmhouse kitchen table

9. Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas/ for a Italian Farmhouse Kitchen Look (see idea #13)

10. Farmhouse Chic Decor Ideas - FineCraftGuild.comFrench Country Lamp/ made with vintage funnel and silks

11. DIY French bread box/ – from recycled thrift find

12. DIY Rosemary Wreath/ – smells wonderful and promotes health.

13. French country kitchen coffee cups. Just like Anthropologie.


Farmhouse Chic Decor Ideas – Hall – Elsewhere

14. Farmhouse Chic Decor Ideas - FineCraftGuild.comFrench Country Lamps with rattan and clay. Rustic.

15. Porch decorations with flowers and recycled wood pallets (from the farm).

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