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If you live in the US, Fall equates to October equates to Halloween. More or less. In Europe, life is a bit different. Fall Treats that make Great Decorations are what it’s all about. ‘Fall treats as decorations’ means tasteful, elegant displays of the season’s abundance, rather than whacky or scary Halloween snacks for kids. Europe is all about food. It has been so for centuries as vintage paintings show us. So, today I am going to show you how Fall Treats Make Great Decorations. Shall we… ?!

Fall… all just browns, yellows and warm reds.

Here are a few ideas for easy displays of Fall Treats, that both offer a wonderful decorative splash and taste great.

  • A Simple Bowl of Fruit

country kitchen decoration with Fall treats

  1. Tiered coffee bare with Fall Colors and Features


source: The Lilypad Cottage

  • Pretty Piled Apples around Juice Bowls for easy serving and a dash of decorative green.
Fall treats- decorating with apples

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Fruit has just the right colors for Fall displays.  What I like about fruit displays is that it has a place to live and I can strategically place it in a corner of the home where they will be eaten as well. Win-win.  Over the years, I have created Fall fruit displays in many ways, and my to-go-to design is on a bed of pretty Fall leaves.  Collected on a morning walk.

Modern interiors become humanized with a glass bowl of green apples. Add some wooden sticks for height, surprise and a hint of nature.

If you have a country kitchen, perhaps you might like to insinuate your garden is bestowing you with abundance.  A super-fast and cute farm look is created by lining a basket with a cottage tea towel fill it with a mixture of fruits.

Fall Cookies, Candies & Cakes

Again, most baked treats are naturally Fall tinted. Now it’s just a matter of finding Fall leaves cookie shapes, and red, orange and yellow sugar sprinkles. Other displays can be individual pumpkins pies on a tiered cupcake stand. Perhaps interspersed with some decorative mini pumpkins?  Candy-corn shaped treats are always a winner, as are pretty packaged cakes in Fall-themed and Fall-colored wraps.

Fall treats: Fall_cookies_display
Fall treats: Autumn leaves cookies

Fall treats: cookie leaves recipe

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