Fall Pinwheel Cardigan :: Free Knitting Pattern

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Pinwheel cardigans are pretty unique. As a knitting pattern, I love that there are no seams to stitch together.   Only knitting required. And beyond that, it’s even just knitting in the round that’s required, i.e. even easier !

womens cardigans pinwheel free knitting pattern

If you never have knit in the round, you should try this, and you’ll never go back to flipping back and forth with those knitting needles if you can avoid it.  For sure.

This pinwheel’s unique cardigan shape will make you look like a professional knitter. However, in actuality is a fairly easy pattern, that, yes, even you can get the hang off.

womens cardigans pinwheel free knitting pattern

Elan outdid itself with the glorious Fall colors of this pinwheel cardigan.  Making in pink and bright colors, and it would have been suitable for a cool summer eve. But this one, oh, may, it makes me want to snuggle in front of an open fire.  Very luxurious.

Photo credit & free pattern : Elan.com (sorry, site and pattern no longer available)).

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