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:: Easy Fall Mantel Decorations with Silver and Mercury Glass ~ a How-to :: Today, the home décor team from OneMoreTimeEvents.com is taking Fall mantel decorations more serious than ever. Tammy and her mom are mixing real and faux silver items such as mercury glass in their fall décor on the mantel. Use store bought or DIY mercury glass in tablescape, on mantels or in decorative bowls.  They are placed alongside Fall inspired vases filled with ornamental faux pumpkins and hydrangeas.  Mercury glass is both glassy and classy, and combined with real silver gives a sophisticated elegance to a room.  Copy Tammy & team’s ideas for easy fall mantel decorations and see if you too can bring some Fall elegance into your everyday décor.


Learn how to make these easy fall decorations with silver and mercury glass in your home. Over to Tammy & team:


“Hi Everyone,

It has been two weeks since I shared here at the Fine Craft Guild and happy to be back to bring you some more decorating ideas. Over at One More Time Events, I shared parts of how I decorated my mantel for Fall.





Easy Fall Mantel decorations :: Centerpiece :: FineCraftGuild.com


Today here at the Fine Craft Guild, I am sharing how I added to it and completed it with some additional touches to bring out the full effect of Fall. As always, I am to reuse and reuse.  Here I am using what I had. Let me show you how I incorporated it to create a one-of-a-kind Fall setting.


Easy Fall Mantel decorations :: Centerpiece :: FineCraftGuild.com


Starting in the center of the mantel, I placed a Silver Pitcher filled with some faux and real (Hydrangeas from my yard). I placed a couple of pumpkins into the centerpiece. While carrying out the silver in the pitcher, I added brushed silver trays to each side of the pitcher. 


Easy Fall Mantel decorations :: Centerpiece :: FineCraftGuild.com

For some added interest,  an antique service bell was mixed into the arrangement.



On each side of the centerpiece I used some Mercury glass goblet Candle sticks.  Using the Mercury glass not only accents the silvers in place but with the gold tones it brings out the colors of fall.



To carry out the colors and keeping balance within the setting  of hydrangeas a small head of hydrangea’s was placed on a mercury glass candle stick holder.


Easy Fall Mantel decorations :: Centerpiece :: FineCraftGuild.com

Easy Fall Mantel decorations :: Candle stick holder with hydrangea :: FineCraftGuild.com



Meanwhile, on the right side of the mantel, a pile of books is tied up with some ribbon displays some silver creamers one filled with another head of hydrangeas next to another mercury glass goblet candle stick.”



Easy Fall Mantel decorations :: Candle stick holder with hydrangea :: FineCraftGuild.com

See you next week,
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