Fabulous Parisian Shoe Fashion

DIY Personal Accessories

Look here because you’ve never seen anything like it before: Parisian fashion shoes. Come window shopping with me…


Suede Plateau Shoes with Fur Heel



Or if you prefer, this pair comes in black patent leather and bright red fur heels.



Mini Boots with Maxi Heels

Black silk top, sky-high stilettos and a bright red sole. Best shoe feature: plateaus that add an estimated 8 cm / 5” to your height.



The pair comes in a leopard skin care bag… ;-)

Google Eyes on Extreme Red Stiletto Heeled Pumps


Walt Disney has not seen anything like it either: Paris Shoe Fashion.

We loved seeing all these outlandishly fabulous fashion design shoes, but wearing them?!!

No!! To scared we’ll fall off these towers.



Open Toe Pump Shoes

However, these skin-toned patent leather pumps appear ‘Almost Wearable….’ but note the bright red shoe bottom and the super-high stiletto heel at the back… Deceptive!!!




Having said this, women in Paris actually DO wear such fabulously high heeled shoes. 

Here’s the proof:


… but I did not say they WALK on them!

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