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:: A showcase of Fall Wreath Ideas today :: Can you imagine that to make this ruffle burlap Fall wreath, Mallory from Classy Clutter only spent half an hour and less than $5? Well, you can too. Here’s a tutorial for this adorable Fall home decoration.

fall wreath ideas with burlap


That is to say: Here’s my 1,2,3 quick DIY FAll Wreath Tutorial. You can find a detailed tutorial on how Mallory actually did it at her blog.

1. Cut a coat hanger and make a circle out of the metal frame. See our rag heart wreath tutorial.

2. Weave one or more long strips of burlap (or other Fall-colored fabric). Leave it rough around the edges as that’s what fall is about: a bit of messy abundance.

3. Add embellishments, such as cheery ribbons, seasonal fruit and berries from your garden or faux versions from the dollar store.

The big curly letter finishes it off.  Mallory was lucky to have hers on hand. Well, I don’t. But a quick look online reveals that we can all have lovely Curly Wooden Letters at the press of a button (and a little payment). (I love buying online, can’t you tell?!)


OK. This wreath is yours for the making. Without further ado:

image credit | visit for complete tutorial: Classyclutter.blogspot.com


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