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Recently invited to a stork party of a special friend, I was keen to take a special gift for her soon-to-be-born baby boy. In search for a ‘canvas’ upon which to create a personal and unique fabric painting, I found a white onsie that was perfect for the job.
I created an African lion foot print design with the words ‘Born to
Be Wild’ around it, but my fabric paint technique works for any other design also :-)

Craft Supplies & Materials

  • White baby onesie (or baby t-shirt); baby cloths come in 0-3 month, 3-6 months, 6-9 mths, 1 yr, 18 mths, 2, and up.

  • Water-erasable pen: to draw the design onto your onsie
  • Fabric paint in two colors: Brown (or black) and Tangerine Tango / Orange / Red
  • Fine paint brush
  • Plastic bag + few sheets of white paper
  • Iron + ironing board.

Quick 1,2,3 How-to Instructions

  1. Rinse onsie in cold water, dry and iron out wrinkles.
  2. With the water-erasable pen, use the template as a guide to draw your design onto the onsie.
  3. Insert the plastic bag topped with the sheets of paper in your onsie to ensure the paint won’t leak to the back of the t-shirt
  4. Using the brown fabric paint (undiluted), first paint the lion’s footprint and let it dry.
  5. With the orange/red paint, write your caption phrase, starting at top left, working your way down. Be careful not to smudge. Let it dry.
  6. Optional step: add a decorative border around your design.
  7. Lightly iron onsie on reverse side.

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