How to make fabric beads for glamorous tops


Here’s a tutorial for easy-to-make fabric beads for an instant glamorous top or necklace. You could also use them as a way to embellish a pillow or put a tiny rock in it and use them as table cloth weights for your garden setting. These fabulous, glamorous beads are made with fabric strips wrapped around simple cotton balls.

Materials Needed

  • Cotton balls
  • Strip of fabric – 1 inch wide, 36 Inches long.
  • Glass beads
  • Needle and thread
  • 1 pin and scissors.

Step by Step instructions

To make bead embroidered pompoms or balls, for use in jewellery, as key fob tags, or to decorate clothing or bags – the steps are quite simple.

Take one end of your fabric strip, place the cotton ball on top and start wrapping around till you reach the end of your strip. Make it even.

Either weave it with the edges showing, or tug these in as you go.

Once you reach the end of your fabric strip, secure it with a pin and sew it in place.

Embellish with contrast-colored shiny glass seed beads in a free –form pattern.

As simple as that.

Don’t they look glorious?

fabric beaded necklaces
source photo & original design: Alma Stoller

Alma’s prior blog:

BTW. We also like the fabric balls without the beads.

Upgrade Your Chic Embroidered Fabric Beads into Unique Ornaments

Great for a Christmas tree, or… a year round decorative statement. Would also be fun in a garland. You probably want to make them a bit larger for this purpose.

Transform Your Fabric Beads into the Prettiest Table Cloths Weights

The 1,23, How-to Make Your Own Table Cloth Weights

summer table cloth

Put a little stone in the center of your cotton ball before you wrap them.Hang four or six on clips and use them to hold your tablecloth down when the there’s a tat of wind during your summer alfresco lunch on the porch. Yes, life is meant to be easy and fun.

My Idea: is to transform these beaded balls into table cloth weights.

These beads are an easy project to get into bead embroidery. So simple, I’d classify this as ‘summer crafts for kids’.

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