Easy Egg Warmers Crochet Pattern

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Get ready to make some easy Easter crafts to decorate your Easter brunch table. Today’s project is an easy egg warmers crochet pattern. Egg warmers, also called egg cozy, will offer an enticing element to the table setting.

Make these using up some leftover wool, cotton or acrylics, and they’ll keep your hard- and soft-cooked eggs warm.

Making these easy Easter egg warmers is a cool craft project for kids. En passante, you can teach them how to crochet in a single sitting. It’s a very simple pattern.

Easter egg warmers crochet pattern :: FineCraftGuild.com
And to make it into a perfect opportunity to further your own skills at creative design, I have many suggestions for you on how to embellish this simple shape.

Colored Easter Eggs

Easy egg warmers crochet pattern :: FineCraftGuild.com

The easiest way to add happiness to your Easter table is to add cheery pastel colors. Why not give everyone their own colored table setting?

Who says that you have to paint the eggs themselves to create colored Easter eggs? How about making Easter egg cozies in various pastel colors instead. Don’t you think that’s cute? This way you get to actually EAT your organic eggs instead of spoiling them with food coloring (still edible but not as healthy) or worse, paint (inedible).

Easy Easter egg warmers crochet pattern :: FineCraftGuild.com

Colored Egg Warmers as an alternative to colored Easter Eggs

This base crochet pattern for egg warmers comes with a tutorial for hand embroidered flowers, an additional crochet pattern for a mini lady bug, and a tutorial on adding jewelry and ‘found’ elements to your design to create a style you like and a color scheme that suits your Easter brunch table settings.

Enjoy the photos of the egg warmers. The crochet patterns are not free, but inexpensive and available in my little shop.

Embellished Easter Eggs Ideas

Once you have worked yourself through this easy egg warmers crochet pattern, then you to embellish them in any which way you want. Here I have worked out a few options for you:

  1. With embroidery
  2. With silk rose applique’
  3. With crochet ladybug applique’
  4. With beaded detail.

So, I now have a mix-matched set of crochet egg warmers on my table, as I finished each one a different way. I think it is kind of cute how they came out.

Egg Warmer with Flower Embroidery


Using a complementary or contrast colored yarn, make 8 stitches in the round, leaving the center open, making the stitches of slightly varying length.

Egg Warmer with Ladybug Applique’

Easter egg warmers crochet pattern :: FineCraftGuild.com
The pattern for the ladybug will be included in the pattern. Simply attach your appliqué with a few stitches.

Egg Warmer with Rose Applique’

Easter egg warmers crochet pattern :: FineCraftGuild.com

Egg Warmer with Bead Embellishments

Easter egg warmers crochet pattern :: FineCraftGuild.com
After looking at all kind of options, the best thing is to simply add a bead (or two) to the center of the top. Just use sewing thread and sew them on. So easy.

Get the Pattern

Click this link for the Easter egg warmers crochet pattern. It includes a bonus ladybug crochet pattern. The first 50 downloads will be considered pattern testing. They are free, but you are to email me with suggestions on how to improve the pattern and other kind of feedback (like I love the pattern … wink). Enjoy the pattern.



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