DIY Eco-friendly Bath Rug … now a Design for Kitchen Rugs?


Featuring a reader’s work today. Miranda here took the original featured eco-friendly bath rug project into another direction by changing colors row by row, working in around the edges inwards, rather than taking the project row by row, and so created a perfect kitchen rug design.

kitchen rugs

This is the result. I think it is delightful.

I took it upon me to present her work in an upgraded photo. Since she made such effort to make the bathroom rug, and since Miranda self-confessed that her Photoshop skills are not yet super, I thought I’d do that for her and of course, for you all, my dear readers.

kitchen rugs

Looking at its contrast with a nice wooden kitchen floor, I think this might be a fabulous decorative kitchen rug, or dare I say … even … a bedroom rug) too. Bedroom mats hardly get any wear and tear, and your feet will so enjoy the soft fluffiness of this rug when they first set foot on Earth after a good night sleep. But the colors may match a kitchen design better.

It took Miranda two months in lead time, doing the project at times, when listening to lectures. Her most time consuming/difficult part was cutting the towels to pieces. She made her strips about 1/3″  wide and just under 5 “ long, to fill her gridded matting of 18″ x 30″.

Smart tip from Miranda is to cut the towels one by one, rather than all at once. This way you’ll find out how many towels you’ll need for the entire rug, with out cutting too many. The original rug calls for large bath towels. However, our ‘spare’ towels we wish to toss away tend to be of all kinds of sizes (and thickness too).

I thought to show you an example on how this handmade rug would like if you’d use a range of different towels. And I think, it looks fabulous!

Well done, Miranda!

Photo credit: Miranda from Pin-spire Me.


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