Easy Yoga Socks Knitting Pattern – Knit on 2 needles, not in-the-round

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Looking for a fun knitting project? Look no further: Here is the easy yoga socks knitting pattern you’ve always wanted. These socks are comfy, soft and warm where needed, but not slippery. Perfect. I had loads of fun making them.

(And got a bit carried away, as per usual, making loads of variations…)

These yoga socks or feet warmers are perfect for yoga, pilates, ballet, jazz, or modern dance. You will find that they work for any mat work or floor barre exercises. I have left FULL ball of the foot uncovered. This is important to ensure that you’ll have enough ground friction for proper positions, poses, and movements. Yeah, yoga socks that work!

I started with the simplest idea, making

  • easy yoga socks,
  • elegant
  • in 1 simple color,
  • knit with 2 needles, flat.(NOT knit in the round).

And, I have that pattern here for you. Tada!!!!! You can get the pattern in my Craftsy shop. This knitting pattern includes a base pattern, plus variation, tips, size table, etc.

Yoga Socks Easy Knitting Pattern

When you have the base style down-pat, you can make a second style, choosing from a few options:
In the process of it all, I made a second style, or rather a second sock with several style variations rolled into one. I realize that all these style variances will help solve all problems: wide feet, long feet, just not enough yarn (when using leftover yarn), or too big a heel opening. All of which I shall explain as variations in the simple base pattern. This way, 1 pattern will create loads of styles. Don’t worry, no matter what, this is an ULTIMATE BEGINNERS KNITTING PATTERN and a great way for teens to learn how to knit.

All are still easy yoga socks patterns, with added fun and whimsy!

Yoga Socks Easy Knitting Pattern Variations

First up, I made the foot section an inch longer. If you want your feet to get a bit more warmth, then add .5 to 1 inch to my initial pattern. I think your feet look longer when you do. However, if you are getting these socks to do serious workouts, avoid covering any of the parts of the feet that touch the ground so as to maximize your ground friction.

Long Easy Yoga Socks Knitting Pattern
Long vs. short yoga socks knitting pattern

Yoga Socks Pattern Variation: GLADIATOR SANDAL YOGA SOCKS !!!

This is my favorite. I added a gladiators’ heel. Love that. This is a perfect idea if you have started with your flat piece and it turned out (before you sew the edge at the back of your heel and at the bottom of the sock…) that the sock was going to be too tight for you. Rather re-knitting the whole thing, simply create a gladiator’s heel. Way cooler. I’ll teach you how with some simple crochet stitches.

gladiator Yoga Socks Knitting Pattern

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