Easy Sewing Pattern for Plus-Size Women Top

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I always like to get myself a few new pieces of clothing each Spring. This year, no different. The only problem is: I can no longer browse through the teen/tween fashion isles to pick up some really cute shirts. Ah, what a confession to make: teen tops don’t fit any longer; I eye womens plus-size clothing these days. It’s really not just because I like a baggy look – I do like loose fitted clothing. But it’s mainly because I could shed a few pounds. And I will (with my awesome Fitbit). In the meanwhile, I am trying to be realistic. Which is why this top caught my eye. This is a fun Spring womens top to sew.


Cute and Easy Sewing Pattern for Plus-Size Women Top

 Easy Sewing Pattern for Plus-Size Women Top

While incredibly simple, this womens top has a flattering shape of being snug at the top and a loose flair at the bottom.


Several Sewing Patterns in One

This sewing pattern is a multi-pattern, really. There are instructions for so many variations:

  1. Buttoned back option (which I LOVE!)
  2. Long sleeves
  3. Short sleeves
  4. Tunic length top *
  5. Maternity version of the top **
  6. Regular length top.


Womens Plus Size Shirt Sewing Pattern

It’s a simple beginners sewing pattern and well, lucky for many of us, it comes in plus sizes. Besides XS, S, M, L, it also comes in XL, XXL, and XXXL.



Pattern suits all Levels of Sewing Skills

Yes, this pattern is completely do-able for you if you are a novice/ beginner at playing with that sewing machine. And if you are an advanced seamstress, well, this pattern is such a breeze! No matter who you are, you’ll love it.   Tip: if you are a bit more advanced, try adding a color block into this design. That would work very well with this simple style. Just a couple of seams more….


How to get your Sewing Pattern & Make your project a Success

Download the pattern here. (Sorry, it’s not a free sewing pattern, but given that you get 6 designs, it’s inexpensive).


This shirt pattern is an ideal first project if you have taking this beginners sewing class on How to sew with knits. I have just signed up for this class and will soon write a review of this so-far-excellent beginners sewing class.


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