Make this Easy Light Switch Upgrade for Added Elegance

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This easy light switch upgrade is a tutorial on how to make light switches look expensive with a mere Dollar store hack. Incredibly easy and quick, this weekend project leaves you smiling every time you leave a room in your house. 

Easy Light Switch Upgrade DIY That’s So Elegant

Update 2020: I’m currently painting our office and recalled this earlier post, as I want to upgrade my light switch plates. My husband had no idea what I was talking about as the old ones looked fine and he liked the dimmer…. see where this is going… So, I had to dig out this article and show him. Now he’s convinced we need an upgrade also. And as this is basically a free hack, he likes this idea. Particularly when I execute it and there’s zero work from him involved. Ha!

How-to Make this Easy Light Switch Upgrade

My Quick 1,2,3

Going from ordinary to luxurious is as a super-easy and quick 3-step process.

STEP 1: Prep: measure your light switch covers and score the right size picture frames at Dollar stores, flee markets and garage sale. Go for simple elegant trim.  Remove the glass or plastic panes, backing and any pictures it may have. All you want is just the trim.  Next,  unscrew the light switch covers of the ones you want to upgrade to a more luxurious version.

STEP 2: Glue the frames to the light switches.  Wait till dry.

STEP 3:  Put the light switch covers and the photo frames on an old newspaper and (spray) paint them all the same color. Do this outside as that’s safer.  Be sure you cover the sides neatly.  When your paint has dried, re-mount the light switches with the attached frames.

These are my ideas on how to do this, but this might vary a bit on how it is actually done. Have a look at the photo tutorial here and the blog with the full tutorial below.

Step-by-Step Tutorial with Photos

Easy Light Switch Upgrade - how to make light switches look expensive
Easy Light Switch Upgrade – how to make light switches look expensive — image credit: Me Myself ‘n’ DIY

Reference:  (this site is currently private).

Hop over to the Me Myself ‘n’ DIY blog for further details on this project.  I had a look around on this blog, and there are great other Home DIY projects as well. Worth a visit.

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