Easy Indoor Holiday Wreath

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A Christmas card wreath is a great way to display holiday greeting cards, and it is made by gluing overlapping cards into a circle and adorning it with a ribbon bow and trinkets.

holiday card wreath

This is a video of another easy Holiday craft project that will entertain your kids during the winter break and that will be a nice decoration to your home for the holidays. This is a rather fool-proof project so it’s for absolute beginning crafters, however, the end result is quite stunning.

Stepping it up to ‘Advanced Fine Craft’

Once you’ve made one using cards and store bought materials, and you realize how easy it is, you can make your own variation.

This Valentine /Christmas wreath for lovers is a great variation in this theme.

And btw, this art print is for sale, if you’re a fantasy crafter, i.e. someone who loves the idea of crafts, but does not own a glue gun.

holiday card wreath

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