Easy Handmade Jewelry For Girls – Beaded Friendship Bracelets

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We have featured several jewelry-making methods of friendship bracelets to date. This beaded friendship bracelet just is a perfect addition now that summer is approaching. Cute girls / teenagers need something to do when they are lazing around on the school or back yard.  And you might want to join in. These easy-to-make friendship bracelets look incredibly sophisticated and will match summer dresses.

Furthermore, with the current rage of the elastic loom bands, very young girls are already successfully making fun friendship bracelets these days.  By the time girls are 12, this more sophisticated pearl bead bracelets are a must make, to set them apart!

Easy Handmade Jewelry For Girls :: Beaded Friendship Bracelets

My 1,2,3 Quick How-to *

The illustration here shows the 3 critical steps in the process.  On a wire that is 2x the desired bracelet length  (plus a bit extra ) , secure with a  crimp bead (beginning/end) and string little pearl beads on wire, till you have 2x the desired length of the bracelet. Finish w the second crimp bead.  

Fold your beaded strand over, and right there in the middle, attach a thick embroidery floss, nylon, cotton or hemp thread that’s about  4.5x the desired length of the bracelet. Weave that thread around the beads and end with a knot.

Attach a clasp, and your gorgeous, but easy-to-make for kids friendship bracelet is done!

* If you are serious about making this bracelet, you may benefit from reviewing the more elaborate tutorial, which you can find at Pandahall.com.

Photo credit: Pandahall.com

Elevate Your Friendship Bracelet to a Worthy Gift

Tip: Present your lovely handmade friendship bracelet in a nice gift bag.

I personally love these organza jewelry bags as they come in a ton of different colors, to match your bracelets. Follow my link as those are the best price I have found for them: 108 for $2.63 + $1 shipping! Perfect. Just pop the bracelet in, pull the string, and you’re done. Cost no time. Compare that with finding the right size gift box, adding wrapping paper, sticky taping it and adding a bow, these organza bags make gift wrapping a breeze and they transform your bracelet from ‘I made it myself’ to a gorgeous handmade gift your friends would love to receive from you.

More Friendship Bracelet Designs

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In other words, it’s friendship bracelet galore here at the FineCraftGuild. And rightly so: they are fun and strengthen the friendship. What’s not to love ??

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