Easy, Flat Knitted Pumpkin Pattern – shapable, hollow 3D form

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Hello pumpkins! Are you ready for the season? Of pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin dressed porches, and pumpkin patch picks and … pumpkin-themed decor and pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving? We are!

And if you’re not, here’s a fun pumpkin knitting pattern to help you decorate with pumpkins. Great decor is all about bringing in the season, with layers and textures. I love the contrast of the smooth real pumpkins with the cozy feel of knit pumpkins.

Knitted Pumpkin Pattern

These pumpkins are a breeze to knit up.  Super fast and easy. They are knit flat. Easy to follow pattern, and a fast project.

What makes these special is that they’re hollow! Because of the way they are constructed, they keep their form despite this! It’s actually really fun: you shape them any way you like: round, tall, tilted or flat – and they keep that shape. Amazing, huh ?! Actually, so simple, once you figure out how.

Best, this knitted pumpkin pattern is pretty from every direction, even from the top.

Knitted Pumpkin Pattern

This knitting pattern is simple enough for beginners. It’s knit flat, and sewn together with just a few stitches. In fact, this knit pumpkin is a great start as your first two-color yarn project.

Besides being pretty, also pretty useful pumpkins

With this pumpkin knitting pattern, you can make artisanal Fall decorations for your living room sweet gifts, particularly if filled up with seasonal treats like candy corn; or make superb personalised Thanksgiving dinner table settings. Choose everyone’s favorite colors and let them take it home as a souvenir of the happy family get together.

One pattern, many designs

It is extremely easy to make a variety of shapes. First up,  you can reshape this very pattern for another look. Here I simply flattened the pumpkin, to match the shape my white real pumpkin behind it.

In addition, simply add a few rows in the center of the pattern to make your pumpkin higher. Then, that gives you more options to reshape them and make them a bit lopsided, i.e. more natural looking. Play around. Have fun. Give them all a personality.

knitted pumpkin pattern

Get the Knitted Pumpkin Pattern

Knitted Pumpkin Pattern

Learn how to make a knitted pumpkin.

Get your pumpkin knitting pattern straight needles project.

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