Style yourself slim with this easy free skirt sewing pattern

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Yes, it’s true: this is a real slimming but easy free skirt sewing pattern. It does not matter what fabric print you’ll use for this pattern as long as the sides are relatively darker, it will work.  Optically, it will look like your body is inches slimmer. Perfect. It’s the skirt pattern I have looking for. 

As well, this pattern is beginners-simple, so that anyone can get their mind around sewing this skirt.   The panels add a few more seams, but hey, they are pretty straight forward. No zipper to deal with. And, the pattern comes with beginners instructions and even a video. Everything’s there.

easy free skirt sewing pattern

Photo credit & Pattern by Debby from Sew so Easy

Material Needs for your slimming Skirt free sewing pattern:

  • 1 yard of stretch fabric with moderate stretch
  • Enough 1-inch wide elastic band to go around your waste.
  • Thread for your sewing machine.

What makes this skirt so slimming?

3 things really:

  • Color blocks.
  • Pencil skirt shape (tulip)
  • High-waisted to make your legs look longer.


  • Super simple, made in minutes, … and worn for year?!!
  • It’s super simple: it has aN upside down tulip petal shaped front and back panel, and a rectangular side panels, and an elastic waist band.
  • The fabrics are all slightly elastic (think: a thick tshirt type of a fabric, or knitted fabric).

Video Sewing Instructions

  • Here is the video on how to make this skirt:

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