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:: Easy Fall Centerpiece in Pastels ~ an Elegant DIY with Tammy Henderson ::

Whether it still feels like hot summer or like early autumn where you live, a new decorating season is upon us. Join us today and let Tammy’s DIY décor project with end-of summer flowers and fall harvest finds bring elegance and warmth to your home.

Easy fall Centerpiece :: FineCraftGuild.com

Tammy gives the classic fall color palette a twist and chooses pastel hues instead. It means instant elegance on your boudoir. Learn how to bring the beauty of fall into your home.

Easy Fall Centerpiece

Hi Everyone, Tammy here from One More Time Events.  Today I would like to share how I put together my Pre-Fall arrangement. I am a little early putting up my Fall decorations.

Easy fall Centerpiece :: FineCraftGuild.com

Now back to how I put my Fall Arrangement together. First, I would like to share that most of my arrangements are done in a semi-permanent  fashion.  Meaning it’s permanent until I take it apart. 

The main reason I do this is…: I like to be able to recycle and re-purpose most of my items used in the arrangements.

Building Fall Centerpiece 1FCG

Setting up the Arrangement …

To create this arrangement on my newly refinished buffet, I wanted height as well as length and be the centerpiece of my fall setting. I collected some of my glass cylinders along with a couple of metal pedestals.

Picking Your Fall Color Hues

Picking and choosing some of my fall colored pumpkins and a few Fall-like faux flowers.

Building Fall Arrangement3FCG

This year I wanted to stay more on the softer tones along with a pop of purple.

Rather than staying with the traditional bold colors of Fall, you can use whatever colors you choose.    My color picks for this year’s Fall include: butternut, soft yellows, tans, soft olive green and a purple pastel.

Building Fall Centerpiece2

How to Compose an Abundant Fall Centerpiece

Building Fall Centerpiece5FCG

To start out the pedestals were stacked the smaller one to the back of the larger pedestal creating a stair step base,  I then arranged the glass cylinders some off a some on the pedestals.  If you notice the shorter vase on the top left of the arrangement.

This one will serve as a pedestal for my yellow pumpkin allowing more height to the arrangement.Building Fall Centerpiece4

Because I wanted this arrangement to flow downward to embracing each pumpkin as main focal points  I placed each one of them on the in the corners of the pedestals  The top one on top of the small glass cylinder  to add more height.

Playing Around, till I get an Arrangement that I like

Taking the largest flower ~ in this case hydrangeas ~ I placed them in the glass cylinders and then began filling in the arrangement tucking some in the gaps of the pumpkins and inside the gaps of the pedestals.

Easy Fall Vignette :: FineCraftGuild.com

Until I reached an arrangement that I liked.

When doing this I play around with the same like colors of  flowers by placing the largest ones first and filling in with the smaller ones.  I added the “pop” of color purple last to add interest and highlight the others that are more in line of the same colors.

Enlarging Vignette Impact

Easy Fall Arrangement

To add length to this vignette I add a couple of hurricane vases with candles at each end.

Buffet fall front view with drawers

And then, there you have it: an purple DIY Fall vignette that will fill your home with subtle elegance, abundance and joy.

Thank you for letting me to share this easy Fall centerpiece. I hope you all enjoyed it!

See you next week,
One More Time Events


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Tammy enjoys the challenge of reinventing her décor. She’s great at figuring out how to make something out of ‘nothing’. To her, ‘left-overs’ have a purpose. She has an urge to recycle |reuse | revamp | redecorate | remodel. And she does so, creatively, beautifully and naturally. Her works shows her love for decorating.

Tammy is the living proof that decoration with what you have | recycled materials, plus maybe a small budget for craft supplies, can create beautiful results. When you walk through her house and her garden, as displayed in her blog, you see a tastefully decorated place that has personality and a sense of home.

Tammy used to own a retail scrapbooking business and her blog is that ‘One More Time’ love affair with the creative world. While her emphasis at ‘One More Time’ blog is on decorating, at the Fine Craft Guild, she shares her how-to’s and gives us more than a little peak on how things are put together. And yes, all of these beautiful photos above are all hers!

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