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Easy Easter Eggs Craft – Free Pattern to Quilt | Looking for great craft ideas for Easter? Look no further, as I’m going to post a bunch of free Easter craft projects at this year, including free patterns and tutorials.

As a start, here is a hip Easter craft project provided free by Retro Mama: Easter eggs made in lovely patterned fabrics.

Easy Easter Eggs Craft – Free Pattern to Quilt

free Quilted Egg sewing Pattern

Nice hey?!!

Note how the fabric patterns of these Easter eggs complement each other, but how she has stuck to 1 overall color scheme for the entire egg grouping? Well designed.

How to Make Your Own ‘Great Looking’ Easter Eggs

If you are going to make these, also look for fabrics that are either all pastels, or either all bold colors. Choose fabrics that blend well.

If you want to make them to give them as Easter gifts, check out the quilting section of your craft shop for matching fabrics that would suit this Easter Crafts project. All you’ll need is just 10″w x 5″h quilting cotton, linen or other non-stretchy woven fabric.

For the recycling artists amongst us: use remnants. You only need small swatches. And yes, you can limit yourself to just one color or print.

Easy Easter Egg Craft

These eggs are oh so simple to make: 4 oblong pieces of fabric (with the bottoms slightly wider than the tops), sew them together and fill them with craft foam.

Nonetheless, RetroMama’s blog is offering a free Easter Egg downloadable pattern as well as a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own textile Easter eggs.

Personally, I think that these are the kind of eggs you can have laying around all year. They are lovely!

More free projects to make Easter Eggs tomorrow and the rest of the week!

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