Easy Appetizers for your Super bowl Party


Easy Appetizers for your Super bowl Party




#1: 7-layered Dip in a Cup


Recipe by The Girl Who Ate Everything


Easy Appetizers for your Super bowl party #2. Football Bites with Sausage and Cheddar


Recipe by gimmesomeoven.com


#3: Bacon Cheddar Beer Bread Footballs easy_appetizers_baconcheesebread
Recipe by hungryhappenings.com

#4: Spicy-Sweet Devilled Eggs


Recipe by myrecipes.com

#5: Soft Pretzel Footballs

easy_appetizers_homemade pretzels

Recipe by hungryhappenings.com

#6: Quarter Pups

easy_appetizers_dog_football players

Recipe by : yummly.com

Kids will love helping you make these football player hot dogs.

Super bowl is not supposed to be cute, but these easy appetizers are adorable!

 #7: Madeira Mushroom-Filled Football Tart


By hungryhappenings.com

If your guests are going to drink (quite a bit of) alcohol, then your easy appetizers should include a couple more substantial appetizers as well. This recipe fits the bill.

#8:  Watermelon Football Helmet


By fruit carving.net

In contrast, this fruit salad is a light starter / dessert to add to your array of superbowl snack. The melon can be carved ahead of time and be kept in the fridge. I would double bowl this, and sandwich a bagged scoop of ice cubes in between the two bowls to help keep the fruit fresh.

#9: Chocolate Oatmeal Cream Pie Footballs


Recipe by shugarysweets.com

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