11 amazing Easter Wreath ideas to make at home


These 11 amazing Easter Wreaths you can make at home. Get creative with flowers, eggs, fabric swatches, found objects, branches, twigs of blossom, and be sure to add happy colors from whatever it is.

I’m getting ready to create some Easter wreaths, so I did my research. Today I want to share my inspiration with you. In another post I’ll show you what I ended up making myself.

To say that I’m getting a bit wreath-obsessed is an understatement. I have lots of wreaths in my house already: some finished, some seasonal and some … work in progress. One of these latter WIPs need to transform into a final Easter Wreath. Yes, I’m working on it….

Meanwhile, I thought to show you my Easter Wreath inspiration. As you can tell: no bright spray-painted Easter eggs with glitter, glued in a happy circle, but rather more nature-inspired materials is what I’m craving for my front door wreath, … and elsewhere in my home.

Inspirational Easter Wreaths to DIY


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easy burlap spring wreaths

Easy Burlap Easter Wreaths

This is a super easy, super fast DIY: wrap and poke burlap through metal wire wreath base, and embellish with a few dollar-store Easter decorations.

By Top This Top That.


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Creative Fabric Easter Wreaths

While also an easy DiY, this will take several hours, and maybe a $30 budget for craft supplies.

DIY howto: Snip and rip strips of happy Spring colored fabrics. Wrap around foam or craft paper balls, or even plastic Easter eggs. Cover a foam wreath with fabric. Hot glue gun the balls onto the wreath and each other. For success, layout a ball color/size composition before gluing them onto your wreath base. Adorn with ribbon for hanging, using a complementary color.

In case you wonder where the fabrics came from, Making in Fun is owned by Miller Fabrics. Where to get your wreath making supplies: craft foam balls, Michael Miller polka dot fabrics, chevron fabric and happy colored quilting fabric rolls. Oh, and you’ll need a glue gun.


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Spring Wreaths :: paper fans wreath :: FineCraftGuild.com

Easter Wreath made with Paper fans

By Linda from Crafts a la Mode .

She took a plastic flower wreath and, using simple paper fans (You know, the ones you learned making these in kindergarten by folding a piece of paper back and forth?!! Yes, those simple fans.) Linda turned a base wreath into colorful splendor.


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diy rosemary wreath

Natural Easter Wreaths with Radish Bunches with Rosemary

By FineCraftGuild, featured here: DIY Rosemary Wreath.

This oh-so-humble little wreath has one claim to fame: it smells AMAZING. Cute, natural and simple to make. You’ll love that you did it. Matches an equally humble front door: ours. Perhaps yours too?!


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Easter flowers & wreaths

Pussy Willow | Natural Easter Wreaths

By Martha Stewart. Made with pussy willow as Easter flowers. While this wreath is (or these balls are) more work than Easter wreath #1 as well, it is also a lot more special, unique and elegant.


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Easter flowers & wreaths

Natural Easter Wreaths with Radish Bunches

By Sunset. Made with horseradish bunches ~ lasts only 2 days, but I love this cowboy look!


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Natural Easter Wreaths with Lemons

By Williams Sonoma. Made with laurel leaves, faux lemons and other goodies.

Idea: use real food items for a kitchen wreath.


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easter eggs wreaths flowers DiY

“Natural” Easter Wreath with Faux Branches & Eggs

Can’t tell you much about this wreath, other than that it is another one of my favorites. I’d make this wreath with faux pussy willows rather than those found along the canal, and mound the willow branches onto a ready branch wreath. Ikea used to have this type of wreath base. I’d hot glue in the premium plastic eggs.

By Danielle Dutch @Pinterest.


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Easter flowers & wreaths

By Canadian Living

Easy Fabric Wreath DIY

Made with cloth, ribbons and then decorated with a few egged branches. So simple but really wonderful.


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Easter flowers & wreaths

Natural Easter Wreaths with pompoms

I saved the best wreath for last. This simple Easter wreath is made with branches and fluffy balls. It is my kinda Easter wreath: whimsical, easy to make, natural, and lasts forever.

By Country Living.


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DIY painted Easter Egg wreaths

Easter Wreath for the Kids

Just when you think ‘dollarstore plastic eggs are just too bright and too plastic-y’, The Messy Roost shows us how to put them together into a whimsical wreath that makes the perfect Easter decoration.

By The Messy Roost.


Easter flowers & wreaths

Naturally Painted Easter Eggs with Flowers

Not a wreath, but just a lovely decorating idea with Easter flowers and eggs. I just felt it belonged here. Somehow.

By Delish

First posted on March 25, 2014.

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